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Tuesday, October 2, 2012



Long and Short Reviews welcomes Nicole Hurley-Moore whose latest book Until the Stars Burn Cold was recently released by Pink Petal Publishing. Leave a comment with your email address and you might win a PDF of the book.

Nicole has been toying with writing for years, but in the past couple of years she's really knuckled down and started to write full time. She has a computer and printer sitting on a heavy, big, and "pretty beaten up" 1930's wooden desk.

"At the beginning of each new story, my desk is neat, clean and organised. By the end, it is buried in a sea of sticky notes, crumpled bits of paper, the odd chocolate wrapper and has descended into total chaos," she said, hanging her head in mock shame. "I usually start around 9.30 in the morning and carry on to about 4.00 in the afternoon. Sometimes, I’ll start writing again for a couple hours after dinner. However, there are some days that start at 9.30am and end at 9.37 am."

She writes historical and paranormal romances, telling me, "I love these two genres, both separately and also how they blend so well together. What can I say, history mixed every now and then with a touch of dark magic – makes me a happy girl. "

"How do you come up with the titles to your books?" I asked.

"Some titles are easy and just materialize. Examples of these would be two of my medieval novellas – Capturing Bliss and the just contracted Misrule’s Mistress. Capturing Bliss was easy to name as my main character was called Blissot. This gave the title a double meaning as Lord Reynard must not only his capture happiness but Bliss, herself. WithMisrule’s Mistress, the story is set around a medieval Christmas and the feast of Misrule and once again there is a double meaning," she answered. "Other titles can be more problematic. I had several alternate titles for Until the Stars Burn Cold but every time I researched them, I discovered they had already been snaffled by other clever authors. Finally, after much frustration I realized that the answer was staring at me. Jinn (my hero) tells the love of his life that he will love her ‘until the very stars burn cold’. Problem sorted." She smiled. "I try really hard to find interesting and unusual titles that reflect my stories."

All of Nicole's books are very dear to her and she can't choose a favorite. However, she admitted that she might have a favorite character.

"Several years ago I started and then shelved a story. However, one of the characters is quite insistent and I can’t seem to let him go," she explained. "I’m beginning to think that I may have to revisit and rewrite the story just so Armand will give me a little peace."

Nicole has always loved history, especially the middle ages; she has a B.A. in history and Honors in medieval literature. Because of this, she finds it very easy to lose herself in research for books. When she's researching a book, she starts planning it out and learns everything she can about that particular period.

"This would include the political climate, how they lived, what they wore, ate, their world view, beliefs etc," she explained. "Even if I don’t use the research in the book itself, it gives me a feeling and an understanding of the time period."

Then she plots everything—beginning with a chapter-by-chapter, scene-by-scene breakdown.

"Sometimes, as I’m writing I’ll add or delete a scene, but generally the plot run stays pretty much the same," she told me.

Finally, I asked, "What advice would you give to a new writer just starting out?"

"Don’t give up. Keep writing even when you get rejections. Join a writer’s group, you will find like minded people who have experience and advice. And finally, always believe in yourself."

About the Author:
I have always loved medieval history, fairytales and myths, which is probably why I write historical and paranormal romances. I live with my family in the Central Highlands of Victoria, Australia, and I am a member of The Romance Writers of Australia.

Find Nicole online at

Forbidden love

Long ago in ancient Persia, there lived a pair of star crossed lovers. In a desperate bid, the lovers sought to flee the town of Adwan. But they were caught and torn apart. For his insolence, Jinn is cursed into a ring. Ages pass and empires crumble... and Jinn is still forever bound in a circle of frozen silver. Bound, that is until present day antiques dealer, Mia Templeton accidentally releases him. Mia is beautiful and Jinn, finds her somehow familiar. Is love eternal and evil everlasting? Can the power that destroyed his life in Adwan, reach through the centuries and threaten his future?


Erin Grace said...

Fabulous interview! Intriguing cover, can't wait to read the book...Erin xo

Nicole Hurley-Moore said...

Thanks Erin for stopping by and saying hello. Nicole x

Shelley Martin said...

You are a true artist, making something beautiful come forth from chaos :) And that is amazing! Can't wait to see what comes next.

Nicole Hurley-Moore said...

Thanks so much, Shelley for your kind words and support. Nicole x

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Nicole! I can't wait to read this book.

Oh, and Armand is a great name - it's actually the real name of my hero in Falcon's Angel. Great minds think alike, huh? :)

Cathy V said...

This book sounds very interesting, I look forward to finding out how the story unfolds.

Debby said...

I love when a character takes over. You need to finish that book.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Nicole Hurley-Moore said...

Hi Danita... absolutely ;)
Nicole x

Nicole Hurley-Moore said...

Hi Cathy, thanks for your interest and taking the time to leave a comment. Nicole x

Nicole Hurley-Moore said...

Hi Debby, thanks for saying hello and I think you're right... maybe I had better finish Armand's story. Nicole :)