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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Long and Short Reviews welcomes Miss Mae, whose latest book Through a Glass Darkly is her debut into the SFF-Romance realm. I asked her to share the blurb with us.

"Computer viruses no longer exist, yet Vexen’s medical transport is held hostage by one. The hologram engineered to combat the deadly program develops an identity crisis. An alien intruder is discovered stowed away in the cargo bay. And the evil reptilian Delphan demands immediate surrender of her ship. Can anything else possibly go wrong?"

Miss Mae was requested to make It's Extraordinary, My Dear Winifred into a series. However, in the original version she used the names Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty. She contacted Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's estate to see if she had permission to do so. They told her that would be fine, however she would have to buy a license, so she reconsidered the names, masking them as "Mr. X" and "Mr. M."

"Currently, I think the story has a fitting ending as is. But if I should decide to again write of Miss Winifred Merryweather and Remington Hawthorne, I can tell you where the locale would be set -- the pyramids of Egypt! Ah, so many false rooms and trap doors in one of those to get lost in!" she explained.

The hardest part of writing for Miss Mae is the actual doing. To be able to find a quiet place and be left alone so the thoughts are allowed to flow.

"Doesn’t happen. If it’s not hubby’s interruptions, then it’s the three dogs who either want in, want out, want to eat, want in my lap, want me to nap so they can nap too, bark at imaginary things, bark at real things -- you know, all the happenings of joyful dog ownership," she said with a smile. "I always write better when I’m simply not bothered!"

Her husband is now retired and is at home 98% of the time, so Miss Mae doesn't really have a schedule to write. She wishes she did.

"Don’t get me wrong. I love him being retired, and love that I can count on him to be close by," she told me. "However, with all the constant, daily interruptions, it’s extremely difficult to find blocks of minutes to concentrate, let alone type out pages and pages of plot. I usually have to grab the time when he’s either napping or out bicycling."

Miss Mae can't listen to music while she's writing. She's hard of hearing, so would have to have the music turned up very loud. What makes it bad is that the words of the song fill her mind, distract her, and instead of dialog or plot, she winds up typing the lyrics of the song!

"What is your most embarrassing moment?" I wondered.

"Ooh, that has to be when I was 13, and in eighth grade. You know, that awful awkward stage when you’ve reached puberty and REALLY notice the boys, and pray that maybe, just maybe they might notice you too. Well, one day they noticed me all right. Yep. Math class was held in an outside building called the TDY room. When a friend and I arrived, the door was shut. Stuck fast. Arms loaded with books, I didn’t have a free hand to turn the knob. I bumped against the door with my hindy, and why in the world my friend didn’t warn me of her impending action, I’ll never know. But at the same time I gave a second, harder bump, she raised her leg and thumped it against the wood. That door popped open, I fell flat on my tush, and the room erupted with deafening guffaws. My moment of fame, folks, that I’ve made certain has never been repeated!"

If Miss Mae were stranded on a desert island and were only allowed to have five modern conveniences with her, she would choose a flush toilet, unlimited quantity of toilet paper, a ladder to climb up coconut trees, a hammer to crack open those coconuts, and bug spray.

"Can I also say that I’d never be stranded ANYWHERE, desert or otherwise, without my hubby? I mean, come on. You didn’t think I was going to climb those coconut trees, did you??? "

"If we looked, what would we find under your bed?"

"Do I have to be honest?" she asked with a laugh. "Well, last time I checked was a plastic container where I’d stashed breakable knick-knacks. When they set in the open on the knick-knack shelf they collected way too much dust. So…under the bed they went. The knick-knacks themselves are now free from dust, but that container lives under about a foot of it!"

Miss Mae's favorite food is chocolate. She loves chocolate fudge, chocolate pudding, chocolate chip cookies, cake, ice cream…you name it. Least favorite -- anything that is considered seafood.

"Well, not everything I guess as I do eat tuna fish sandwiches," she qualified. "But forget about oysters, squid, catfish, shrimp…yuck! All that stuff is just too 'fishy'!"

When she's not writing, she enjoys spending time with family (which includes her dogs).

"When my husband’s mother was ill last year, we were under a lot of stress, as anyone who’s tended to an aging parent knows. Since he’s the first-born and only son, he carried the bulk of responsibility for her welfare (though his sisters were exceptional in their care and attention). Yet, this meant more and more time away from me so he could be at his mother’s side. In all the years we’d been married, we’d never been separated, and both of us knew this was something we don’t want to be repeated. His mother passed away in May, so now he and I enjoy visiting, traveling, sight-seeing -- all the things we hadn’t done before."

Finally, I asked, "Do you have a favorite quote or saying?"

"Yes, taken from the book of Proverbs: Prov. 30:18, 19. It reads: ‘There be three things which are too wonderful for me, yea, four which I know not: The way of an eagle in the air; the way of a serpent upon a rock; the way of a ship in the midst of the sea; and the way of a man with a maid.’

"The last sentence, ‘the way of a man with a maid’ always thrills me because just the thought of it --the way a man flirts with a woman that he’s set his cap for-- is incredibly romantic. King Solomon knew exactly how to pen that. Remember, this man kept over 1000 women!"

About the Author:
Miss Mae is all about romantic mysteries. Said the Spider to the Fly, When the Bough Breaks, Dove Island, It’s Extraordinary, My Dear Winifred, and See No Evil, My Pretty Lady are award winning best sellers. Her latest, Catch Me If You Can, and the novellas Miss Penelope’s Letters and Through a Glass Darkly have already received top rated five-star reviews. Tantalizing trailers, and more information, is readily available at her website:

Miss Mae also enjoys writing humor and non-fiction articles. Besides her monthly contributions to the ezine American Chronicle, some of her publications can be found in The Front Porch Magazine, Good Old Days, and WritersWeekly.

She co-mod’s The Sweetest Romance Authors Yahoo Group, a group of romance authors who guarantee their stories adhere to a G-rating. Visit our blog at

Her alter ego, M.M. also has her first children’s/humor book, The Mishaps of Gum Drop Island available in digital download at Smashwords and Kindle, and now in print at Amazon.

She also designs eBook covers. View some samples at her site:

Find the author online at:



Roseanne Dowell said...

Great interview. It's nice to learn so much about you. I definitely have to check out your books. I love your book covers also.

Diane Craver said...

I can relate to your situation, Miss Mae. I have a retired husband and he interrupts a lot. It's nice having our husbands retired on one hand but makes it difficult to write. I also have 3 adult daughters at home, as you know so that adds to the noise level in our house. Two are gone during part of the day and another one is home in the morning but goes to work in the afternoon.

You are an amazing writer with so many creative story lines - I wish you continued success, my friend! I enjoyed your interview. You always give such fun and interesting answers!

LM Preston said...

Oh wow it's refreshing to know that Miss Mae's life is an exciting hunt to find a good place to write. I can't wait to see some of those great stories tucked away. Maybe is you give the pooches a snack they would leave you alone a bit.

Miss Mae said...

Hi Roseanne!

Thanks for coming over today. :) And thanks so much for liking the book covers too. :)

Miss Mae said...

Hi Diane!

So happy to see you, thanks for coming over! :)

Yes, our hubbies are fantastic to have around, but they can be intrusive, can't they, without even meaning to! LOL And I can't imagine how you find time to write with Tom, and then your 3 daughters home too. Wow! How do you manage?

So good to see you! :)


Miss Mae said...

Hi LM!

Yes, "hunting" is the appropriate word in my house. LOL

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Anne Patrick said...

It's always fun learning more about you, Miss Mae. I wish you continued success with your marvelous books!

Gail Pallotta said...

What an interesting interview, Miss Mae. I can relate to squeezing one's writing into life. It was fun getting to know more about you. I enjoyed reading one of Miss Mae's page turners. It kept me guessing.

Gail Pallotta said...

Hi Miss Mae,
What an interesting interview. I can relate to having to squeeze time to write into life. I've read one of Miss Mae's page turners. It really kept me guessing

DanielleThorne said...

Very interesting interview. I love Miss Mae's books!

Miss Mae said...

Hi Anne, Gail, and Danielle,

I'm so glad you stopped by. It's great to see you! Thanks for all your support. :)

gail roughton branan said...

For me, Miss Mae (along with several other wonderful writers and ladies I've met this year) is a reward for some past good deed I don't even know I did. I have no other explanation for the way she's taken me under her wing and gifted me with the benefit of her hard-won professional wisdom, sharing her treasure chest of knowledge. Thank you, my dear and wonderful friend, and know I love you.

RoyalCheryl said...

Miss MAE, Really good interview. It's nice to know about you and what inspires you. Your book Covers are really nice. I'm so glad my husband hasn't retired yet. I know when he does, I will just go stir crazy. Much success with all of your books.

Linda Swift said...

I'm late getting here but I've really enjoyed this interview, Miss Mae. I know what you mean about longing for blocks of time with a retired husband but mine is a great help to me with technical stuff. And I'll vouch for your great art work. I love my covers you have done and look forward to at least three more. Linda

Hywela Lyn said...

Another latecomer - well have you every known me to be EARLY dear friend?

Congrats on all your accomplishments - and I just love your new venture into the world of SF - it's a great story, with the same sparkle as your romantic suspense.

I was surprised to learn a couple of new facts about you. We've been friends for a while now, and I thought I knew everything about you, LOL. I didn't realise that like me you were such a chocoholic - and that like me you don't like shellfish,shrimps, etc.
The only seafood I eat has to have fins and a tail - in other words, be fish. (Then I have pangs of conscience because I rather like fishand used to have an acquarium.)I do love a nice bit of plaice or salmon though!