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Monday, March 5, 2012


Long and Short Reviews is pleased to welcome Jason Barret, whose newest book Saint's Sword is available. Saint's Sword is the prequel to his novel Dead or a Lie. They are both vampire novels, and Saint's Sword follows a group of vampire hunters on a search for an all-powerful sword. The legend of the sword is steeped in magic and sacred blessings and sets the tone for the book.

"The diversity of the characters adds another layer beyond the romantic conflict between the hero and heroine, Nicolai and Kaira," he told me. "I try to shed some light on the prejudice placed on witches by pairing up the witch and preacher. The conflicts they experience highlight the differences or at least the perceived differences of the two belief systems, a misconception I shared until becoming enlightened my critique partner, Janina. The mystery of the sword and the forces that begin to drive Nicolai away from his trusted friends and lover moves the story forward and will keep you guessing."

Jason is currently working on a mainstream drama set in the 1950s. He's already written the screenplay for it, but is into the second rounds of edits on the novel.
"Without spoiling the plot this is what I put up on my website about my novel, Unrequited. ~ Set in the post war 1950’s, Joe and Kathy meet and fall in love, but will Joe’s love be strong enough to carry him through the hardships he must endure to understand the true meaning of love? If you liked Titanic and Ghost, then you'll love Unrequited."

Jason has been writing for years, but he didn't get serious about it until his youngest daughter entered college.

"I wasn’t really in a hurry. After all, I got married in my teens and I knew there’d be lots of time to devote to personal endeavors eventually," he explained. "While the girls were still home getting them to soccer games, baseball games, dance recitals, school dances, and school plays were my priority. When we decided to move into the country we knew transporting the kids back and forth would be a major part of our lives and I have no regrets about it either. During those trips to school or danced school or to a friend’s house we had plenty of time for some good talks and we really got to know one another. I credit those drives and our time together, as well as other family outings, for the close family unit we became."

During the warmer months, Jason works on construction sites as an inspector for an engineering company. He doesn't share with most of the guys he's met that he writes romance novels.

"Hey, a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do and if that’s not sharing certain information to avoid a never ending stream of insults, harassment and busting then so be it!" he said. "You have to pick your battles in life and in that part of my life it’s making sure the job gets completed as designed."

His website has pictures of some of the jobs he's done—just visit it and click on the page titled Construction~ Real Life.

Most of his writing is accomplished during the winter months when the construction sites are shut down. But, he treats it just like it's a full-time job.
"So after I get the little lady safely off to work I sit down and write for most of the day. I do take some time off to get dinner started and to do a few assorted chores but most of the time I’m writing."

For Jason, the plot always come first. He has to know what trials and tribulations they will have to endure so he can create his characters. He usually knows the beginning of the book first, which includes the external conflict they must overcome. This leads to the end and how they will overcome the conflict. Then he can go back and create his characters, coming up with the internal conflicts they might have that will prevent them from achieving their happy ending. People are their own worst enemy, and their internal conflicts cause them the most problems.
"Do you use a pen name?" I asked.

"Yes, Jason A. Barret is my pen name, Jason Adrian Barret to be precise. When I signed a contract for Dead or a Lie, my first published novel, the pen name issue come up in the contract documents. My wife and I discussed it and she was concerned that some vampirish people might come knocking at our door in the middle of the night. She had seen my page on MySpace and I had a lot of friends that—well-- kind of thought they were vampires or were vampire want-to-be’s. That didn’t set well with her so I decided to take a pen name. My favorite name of all time was Jason Barret because if my second daughter were to have been a boy her first and middle name would have been Jason Barret (and then my real last name). If my first daughter would have been a boy her name would have been Adrian. So I thought why not use those names and so I did, Jason A. Barret. The funny thing about it is when doing a local book signing, the book store owner said, 'The local people don’t know Jason A. Barret; they know you, so we have to use your name writing as Jason A. Barret.' Then she put an ad in the local newspaper about my signing and that very night we got a crank call at 2 AM! So I guess Mamma was right after all."

When Jason's not writing, he enjoys kayaking, golfing, and cross-country skiing. What's good is that these are all activities he enjoys doing with his wife.
"When we’re golfing we don’t keep score. No competition and no head jams about getting the highest score for the course. In case you don’t know a high score in golf is a bad thing! Instead we just have a fond memory of a good shot or a long putt and an afternoon in the sun," he told me. "We have a two- person kayak so when we’re kayaking, she calls me scout as I quietly paddle along trying to get her close to some sort of waterfowl so she can snap a picture. She paddles, too, when we’re not sneaking up on something and we’ve explored many streams in upstate New York together. Sometimes it feels like we’re the first people on earth to paddle up that particular secluded stream. Of course we’re not, but it’s fun to wonder what lies just ahead of the next bend in the stream. We’ve even done a little ocean paddling which was a little scary when the waves kept coming up and over the kayak. We decided to keep to the inland waterways after that experience!"

Check out the video for Saint's Sword:

About the Author:
Jason still lives in the quiet community where he grew up and met his high school sweetheart and wife, Janice. Tucked away at the foot of the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, he and Janice enjoy daily visits from many furry and feathered friends who dine on fruit and seed in the safety of the Barret’s “Back Nine” sanctuary.

Jason is a member of the Romance Writers of America and a member of the Central New York Romance Writers where he served on the Career Development Committee and as Treasurer. His first novel, Dead Or A Lie, a paranormal vampire romance, was published in 2010. His current work, Saint’s Sword, is a prequel to Dead or A Lie.

Jason enjoys kayaking with his wife in secluded mountain streams where they quietly slip along in search of wildlife, waterfowl and breath taking views of nature at its finest. In the winter he enjoys cross country skiing followed up by a quiet evening and warm fire. When he finds time you can find Jason working on the ongoing project of restoring his 1972 MGB, a European sports car.

Visit Jason on the web at or contact him at

1332 Eastern Europe: The worlds of God, Goddess and Satan collide in this epic tale of love, revenge and forgiveness.

Two years ago Nicolai’s life, as he knew it, ceased to exist. On that one horrific day his wife was murdered and his daughter abducted and he’s been on the hunt ever since. But the baggage he carries is heavy— guilt. Guilt of not being there when he was needed most. Guilt of believing he wasn’t the husband and father he should have been haunts his every waking moment but above all else he’s determined to rescue his daughter from the ruthless clutches of the vampire known as Lord Valnar and destroy him to avenge his wife’s death.

Kaira is also on the hunt. Barmaid by necessity and hunter by choice she too has been injured by these blood thirsty beasts. Kaira and her companion, Gustav, have been destroying Valnar’s legion of undead for years, but at a high cost—her heart. She’s already seen to many of her comrades fall prey to Valnar’s men and she’s vowed not to let her heart get in her way again. Gustav, the Preacher, has a much different goal. For him it’s neither revenge nor lost love. His only goal and pleasure in life is to hear the faint utterance of the word “free” as a soul is released when a vampire is destroyed.

Together, Nicolai, Kaira and Gustav join forces toward one common goal—destroying Valnar but when a battle goes terribly wrong and despite his vow to love no other Nicolai finds himself in Kiara’s arms.

After rescuing the witch, Jessica, she joins the group but finds herself at odds with Gustav and Kiara. Nevertheless she calls upon the Goddess to help them find the Saint’s Sword. Will they solve the mystery of Gardos and retrieve the sacred awe powerful Saint’s Sword from its guarded grave? When Nicolai hears whispers on the wind warning him of betrayal he begins to doubt everything and everyone around him and even though he is surrounded by his friends and lover he feels alone. Will he be betrayed by his lover, the preacher, the witch, the mercenary or his own heart?

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