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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Spotlight: Karen Cote

Misbehaven Muse

Seriously, I perceived raising teenage girls as challenging. I mean, how did I go from being a hero when they were children to having my once-loved-advice usurped by thirteen-year-olds in training bras and braces?

Then there’s my dog. An intellect. An attitude. A black pug. Cute and adorable with tons of social skills but not an obedient bone in her body. At times, I wish she couldn’t understand ‘human speak’ so at least part of the time I could get her to do what I want.

Now my life has been taken over by an even bigger Muse. He’s male, he’s rowdy, and he’s unruly.

For instance, some days twiddling my thumbs seem more productive than writing. It’s as if writer’s block has taken my ideas hostage and put them in a line-up without anyone to identify who’s-who or what’s-what.
But ooooh, when my Muse comes out to play, my-oh-my am I mesmerized. Some of the things he comes up with ramps up my excitement so much I can’t sleep…which brings me to another beef I have with him. On the brink of sleep is when he usually decides to make his appearance. I mean, really? Can’t he select a decent hour to create? But no. His terms. His time.

So, here’s advice I received and feel passionate passing along to others. Always, always schedule a time to write. Eventually your Muse will learn to come out at that time. Unlike mine who now needs obedience classes.


Barbara Ehrentreu said...

Karen, I read everything this week and I agree about teenagers. The best is when they reach that age usually just before they go to college, when they realize they need you. Then they leave and you have to worry about them all the time. If you are lucky, your kids come back home and though you would love to see them leave most of you is thrilled to be around them!

Congratulations, my friend and fellow author! Loved meeting you and good luck with this book!!!

Patricia said...

My Muse comes out in the early early mornings before my husband's alarm sounds off at 5:20 a.m. I will wake up and ideas will creep into my consciousness and I can't wait to write them down.

Unknown said...

Lol...I know Barbara. That worry never stops especially now with grandchildren. Kind of ups the bar. Thank you so much for stopping by and was so lovely meeting you. Hugs dear friend.

Unknown said...

Hi darling Patti. Our Muse is a very interesting guy/gal, huh? I suppose I'm grateful the voices in my head can finally be identified. Lol.

Love you sweet friend and thank you so much for coming by.

Wendy said...

I understand about an unruly Muse. We fight too much so 'it' has given up on me. Surely i can decide if i want to write the mystery or the fantasy, but no. I begin one and the muse tugs me towards the other one. I'm afraid I must shut out the muse if I want to get any writing done. When you figure out those obedience classes, I'll sign up my muse for it.
It wouldn't even let me do NaNo this year. Insisted I was too stressed last year and needed a break. Can you believe that??!! Duh! So why did I listen. urgh.

Unknown said...

Oh poor tortured soul. Why do we let them run our lives? Dictate our time? Stress out??? Darn. The power they hold is just uncanny. But what else can we do but love them? They are our magic and you my friend are adorable. I love your parties...