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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight: Sarah Grimm

The Five Senses – Part 3


Smell is one of our most powerful senses. Ever have a scent bring back a memory? Perhaps the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls reminds you of your grandmother? Or the scent of roses, your first kiss, which took place in Ms. Austin’s rose garden. No matter the scent trigger or the memory, we’ve all experienced this sensation at one time or another. Which is why sense of smell is so often used in writing – especially romance writing.

In a romance, the hero and heroine usually have very distinctive scents – scents that attract one to the other.

She opened her mouth, but no sound came out. Trapped by the contrast of his pale skin against her darker, golden tones, her mind blanked. He dwarfed her, which at five foot three wasn’t all that difficult to do. Her heart raced. His scent snaked into her lungs with each breath she took.
The scent of him broke her from the spell and filled in the gaps. She shifted away from his touch, understanding what brought him back after closing.

She’d found it, tossed carelessly into the corner of a booth—his black leather jacket. Soft as butter, it held his scent. Subtle, masculine, and just enough to stir her blood as she’d carried the garment into the kitchen for safekeeping.

Where, with no one to witness the act, she’d pressed her nose to the lapel and inhaled him.

And once they know each other, the scent of their lover brings each of them comfort, a peace found with no one else.

“Isa.” His breath left him in a rush. He set his hands on her shoulders, smoothed them down her back, and took up fistfuls of her dress as he buried his face in her hair and breathed her in.

“Are you okay?” she whispered.

The fit was perfect. Her scent familiar. “Let me hold you, for a minute.”

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