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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: Denyse Bridger

I thought today we’d take the opposite side to yesterday’s discussion. How about those hot and sexy heroes! In spite of my reluctance to become a paranormal author, I have discovered that I have an affinity for vampires in particular, and they are endlessly fascinating. But, what does make a truly remarkable hero? Does he have to be drop-dead gorgeous, braver than the bravest soldier, or just an average guy who loves the heroine with so much passion that he rises well above his own fears to be the man she needs?

I’ve been accused of writing bitches and bastards from time to time. I don’t really agree with either tag, because frankly, I can’t imagine anything more boring than a “nice” vampire. And bitch has become synonymous with strong in some of my stories. I think a smart woman who has her own ideas is the kind of woman most of us know and want to have as a friend. Thing about that. If you actually had to know some of these heroines, would you want to?

I love the diversity of voices in today’s writing, the multitude of combinations we see in the types of lead characters. Think about it, ten years ago how many paranormals would have thought to take angels and humanize them into romantic heroes? Tomorrow, we can talk about traditional romance and today’s more unconventional approaches.

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