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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday Spotlight: Sarah Grimm

The Five Senses – Part 4


The sense of taste is very similar to the sense of smell because it has the ability to evoke strong memories. With those memories, comes emotion. And we all know emotion is a way for the reader to connect with our characters. Taste can be difficult to weave into a story – we don’t go around tasting things we aren’t eating do we? (Hopefully, if we’re past the toddler stage we don’t.) However, taste does have it’s place in a book. The taste of fear when our characters are in danger, or the taste of blood when they’ve been punched.

Not until I was putting these posts together did I realize that multiple scenes in After Midnight involve taste. Ironically, in most all of them Noah is wondering how Isabeau tastes. Now, because this is a PG post, I’ll just let your mind take off and run with what I mean by that statement. And while that happens, I’ll go ahead and give you this one example of how I incorporated the sense of taste into this story:

Her slow smile heated his blood. Her left hand settled on his shoulder, then slid up to curve around his neck. “Much better.” Her eyes had changed color again, from gray to blue. They’d done that last night. Right before she melted into his arms.

He leaned into her. “If you still want me to stay away from you, you’d better tell me now.”



“Kiss me.”

She didn’t have to ask twice. He dipped his head, settled his lips on hers and plundered. He dragged her against him, and drank in the hot, potent taste of her as he fed on her mouth like a starving man.

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