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Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Spotlight: Jane Toombs

Review Behavior For Authors

If you’re like me. You hope all the reviews your book gets are good ones. But what if some aren’t? What do you do? Regardless of how you feel, here’s what you should do for a really bad one.

1. Always thank the reviewer Yes, even if you hate their review and feel she or he didn’t understand what you were trying to do. The only other words you might use is that you were sorry she or he didn’t seem to like your writing. Even if you or your publisher didn’t ask for a book review, you need to remember the reviewer took the time to read it.

2. Never, ever respond to a reviewer with an angry email. Why? Not everyone can or will like your story. That’s a fact you need to remember every time you ask someone to review a book of yours. It’s never wise to alienate a reviewer, which an angry email will surely do. Secondly--after all, this person gave you their honest opinion. Remind yourself not everyone will like your book. Repeat it like a mantra.

3. If you must share your scathing remarks do so with folks you know are your friends. Preferably per phone call rather than email. Do not share your opinion online.

4. Tell your publisher you’d prefer this reviewer didn’t read any more of your books since she or he doesn’t seem to like them.

Have I ever gotten poor reviews? You bet. Most authors have.

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