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Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Spotlight: Denyse Bridger

Hello everyone. Since most of you know me already, I’ll forego the introductions this time. I’ve had a busy month, three new releases in under ten days again, so going a bit crazy. Also, just finished writing my first ménage story in ages, so it’s been insane. Two vampires and a mortal woman, and one wild relationship.

That got me to thinking about the perception we have of our heroines. We spend so much time focusing on our heroes that we often overlook the kind of woman we expect these wondering men to fall in love with and cherish. So, the question would be, what makes a good heroine, in your opinion? We tend to be very, very critical of heroines, much more so than the heroes. My theory is that we want to identify with the heroine  so we can love the hero through her. She tends to be the focus of our dissatisfaction when we read a book that we don’t like very much.

So, in my opinion, a good heroine is not someone who is remotely perfect. I don’t often describe my heroines in more than passing terms, that keeps them accessible to everyone. Large, small, smarter than average, poor, rich–there has to be something that makes us want to be her–something more than the fact that the hero would do anything for her, that is. :)

If you could tell an author what you like, or hate, about the heroines she/he creates, what would you suggest?


CelticAmazon said...

Love the cover. Enjoyed your take on heroines.

Aaron Speca said...

Hi Denyse, in my humble opinion the heroine is just as important as the hero in a romance. She needs to be a real person. She has flaws that the hero loves her for. Quirks that drive him nuts. A sense of humor. And she needs to be just as willing to sacrifice as he is. Just my humble opinion -- and I happen to have a writing partner that writes a great heroine. *wink*

Loved your post by the way :) -- Aaron Speca, newbie author

Denysé Bridger said...

Thank you both so much for dropping by... the discussion continues tomorrow and for the rest of the week, so it's going to be fun.

Patricia - yes, this cover is stunning, Kayden McLeod, and she has done the graphic work for my lovely new website, so I'm thrilled with this cover.

Aaron - AGREED! The heroine is so vital to the story, but man she's the one who takes the heavy criticism so much of the time, too, isn't she??

Thanks again for coming by!!
Hugs ~ D

Anonymous said...

A woman that has real issues in life is my kind of heroine. I think she plays in important factor as the hero.

Great cover by the way!


XoXoPublishing said...

Hello Denyse,
I enjoyed your blog, keep it up. Hugs, Gina