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Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Spotlight: Sarah Grimm

The Five Senses – Part 5


Probably the most overlooked sense in life is touch. It’s the first sense to develop in utero, one that is used every day. Touch never takes time off and it remains unaffected by old age. So why is the sense of touch so taken for granted?

Perhaps it is just overwhelmed by our other senses? We hear the glass shatter; see the deep red wine spread across the table as it creeps toward the edge. But did we register the slick condensation on the stem?

Touch is the most unique of the five senses because it can be experienced anywhere on the body. This is of great importance to a romance writer because, how sensual is that? But just because an intimate touch is the trademark of a romance novel, that doesn’t mean it is the only touch pertinent in a story. Take, for instance, my current release.

Touch is an extremely important sense in After Midnight. Scratch that, it’s of vital importance to the essence of the story. Primarily because my heroine avoids being touched at all costs. And because of this, she experiences sensory overload from even the most casual contact…

She closed her eyes against the pounding ache in her temple and absently rubbed
warmth back into her left hand. Although she’d regained total use of her hand after the accident, the extent of the damage left her circulation poor. Which meant that even on days like today, when it was warm enough outside she had to bump the air conditioner to a lower setting, her fingers were chilled.

Except, she recalled as she followed the raised scar with her fingertips, when Noah traced his thumb along the back of her hand. She hadn’t felt a chill then, but a shock of warmth that stole her breath.

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