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Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Spotlight: Sue Perkins

This is the last day of my Spotlight week with Long and Short Reviews. I’d like to thank the ladies of LASR for their support of the many sub-genres of romance fiction with their reviews and promotion ideas and opportunities.

As mentioned earlier in the week my Sky Castles Trilogy was released as a Megabook on 1st September so I’d like to give you a little taste of the first novel in the trilogy - Blue and Silver.

The spirits seldom spoke directly to her, but she felt their goodwill every time she saw them. Caishel decided to say goodbye to them before leaving for the castle. She might not see them again.

She slipped quickly into the forest and headed for the clearing where she normally found the Eos. Patiently she waited for the misty, insubstantial creatures to appear. Their large dark eyes looked depthless against the pure white of their clothes, skin and hair. Silently they surrounded her, waiting for her to speak.

“I’m going away, so I’ve come to say goodbye.”

In an uncharacteristic gesture one of the spirits reached towards her and she held out her hand in response, but the other’s hand was quickly withdrawn.

“I’m going to live up in the castle,” Caishel explained. She paused. It might be dangerous to ask about the one who’d pushed the urn, but she had to know.

“Have any of you been into the town today?”

The spirits looked at one another and then back at her; slowly one of them shook its head and Caishel sighed.

“Someone who looked like an Eos pushed a heavy urn onto a noble. It appeared out of nowhere, pushed the urn off the overhead bridge, and disappeared as quickly as it had come. ”

Her words produced an unusual response in the spirits. They looked quickly from one to the other as if in conversation, and Caishel guessed they were talking telepathically. The one who had offered her its hand approached her again. Carefully, it placed a hand on her shoulder and Caishel looked up into the beautiful dark eyes.

“Please tell us exactly what you saw.”

“I guess it’s okay if I speak normally?” She hesitated. The creature nodded. “I saw a flash of white and looked up in time to see a figure appear on the bridge. It turned solid, pushed the urn off the bridge then disappeared again.”

“We believe it is from a long lost sister tribe and would like to re-establish contact with them. Would you be able to communicate with it, should you see it again?”

“I’m not sure, but I doubt if I’ll have the chance. It’s not likely to come up to the castle.” She glanced up through the leaves overhead. The sun’s position told her it was time to leave. “I have to go now, but I’ll try and do as you ask.”

Caishel hurried towards the ruins, but turned back to wave before she left the clearing. To her surprise all the Eos remained watching her and the one she’d spoken to waved back.


I hope you enjoyed this excerpt and my Spotlight on LASR. I know I’ve enjoyed being here and sharing thoughts and feelings with you all.

Happy reading.


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