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Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Spotlight: Rachel Rossano

In my humble opinion, a great romance needs at least…

1) A hero that is admirable in some aspect. Not perfect, not even close to perfect, he has to have at least one aspect of his character that I find attractive.

2) A heroine with integrity and character. I like books with unusual heroines, quiet librarian types allowed.

3) Characters capable of consistent thought, logic, and a bit of initiative. Even if the plot is really what moves them forward, the character shouldn’t be completely along for the ride.

4) A plot that is plausible. No obvious plot devices, please.

5) Conflict. This is my weakness. I hate conflict in my life. So, this is one thing I have to work at in my novels.

6) Realistic dialogue that moves the story forward. Engaging and witty is nice, but it needs to develop the relationship and move the plot along, too.

7) A believable progression of events. A leads to B not W. Skimming over events is allowed, but the jump must make sense.

8) Description that pulls the reader in and enhances the storytelling.

9) The rise to a climax. Whether the conflict is internal or external, there needs to be a climax.

10) A satisfying ending. I prefer happily ever after, but I can be content with happily for now.

What do you consider essential for a great romance?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rachel Rossano, authoress of The Mercenary’s Marriage, buries herself in books between diapers, bottles, and preschool transportation for her three little ones. Her books are available on Amazon and Smashwords.

She blogs ( and keeps her fans up to date on her current activities on her Facebook page ( You can also visit her website (


Unknown said...

The happy for now works for me.

Rachel Rossano said...

:) Sometimes it fits better. :)

DanielleThorne said...

I love a hero who would move heaven and earth to make the woman he loves, love him back. Deep, mad, death-defying devotion. ;)