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Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Spotlight: Minnette Meador

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One of the characters we meet in Gladiator is the giant Greek medico Adrastos, a Roman deserter who helps them escape Britannia. When the Greek first meets the brother and sister Thane is escorting through the island, his response is a little less cordial than Thane expects…

By Minnette Meador


He did not know how this little slip of a girl could cut through thirty years of self-discipline and rigorous training as if he was some love-addled pup. She had to be a witch; it was the only explanation he would accept. Somehow, at some point, she had vexed him with a spell, a charm or a potion. That had to be it.

The idea made him feel better; after all, the alternative was unthinkable. He could not possibly be in love with the little vixen; he was too strong for that. The soaking pine needles under his sandals released the indolent smell of decay and he breathed it in deeply to appease the conflict. When he heard a cry, he turned and rushed back through the woods.

What greeted him forced a smile to his face. Standing upright, seriously bewildered, stood Adrastos leaning on a crooked staff, squinting at Phaedra and Bahar as if they were illusions. One hand to his heart, he was screaming, “So it is you, wood nymphs, who have stolen my wine and cursed my wagon!” He lifted the staff and swung it several times over his head, lost his footing then fell on his rear, cursing furiously between Latin and Greek. “Be gone, witch! Οὐρανίωνες οὐρανός! Per barba of Zeus filiolus vomica vos! Merda!

He had himself so worked up he did not see Thane coming behind him, choosing instead to swing the staff from his sitting position wildly over his head. The ox was braying loudly, and both Phaedra and Bahar added their own shouts into the confusion.

Thane barreled into the melee and raised both hands. “Quiet!” he bellowed and every sound came to a crashing halt. The Greek turned quickly, the staff still twirling haphazardly above his head. Without warning the heavy end caught Thane squarely on the scrotum.

The world faded instantly into a blackened fit of torture. Thane could feel his knees sinking irresistibly to the road, could hear the groaning exclaimed, “Ooo…” from Adrastos. He had not thought to put on the balteus he always wore in the ludus and in the arena. He had endured worse pain, but just.

In the midst of his anguish, Phaedra’s soothing warm hands touched his face, taking his mind off the throbbing misery in his groin. When he opened his eyes to slits, wondering if the pain would ever go away, her deep gaze framed by a knitted brow cut into his pride.

He pushed her hands away, taking a deep breath and forced himself to rise. It took him a while to get to full stance. Squeezing his hips with his hands, he stared down at the road, willing the tears back into his eyes. Heat suffused his face from the strain. As the pain subsided, he glared at the Greek who was still sitting. The strange fat man with the farcical face had put the staff behind his back. It was scarcely hidden.

Something came over Thane then that he had not experienced since before his portentous journey to Boudiga’s battlefield four years before. Laughter crawled up his throat, as foreign to his body as freedom was to his mind. He fought the desire, but it bested him.

A great blasting sound came out of his mouth and they all jumped, which only added fire to the volley. Another laugh joined the first, giving it depth and desire, then more tumbled out into the pre-dawn Roman road until Thane double over in mirth. Contagious, the others began to laugh as well. He had never passed from pain to pleasure so quickly.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Somewhere between thirty and hair, blue eyes...six kids, one slightly used husband, and any number of pets from time to time... wanttabe hippy... wanttheirmoney musician and actress for 20 Years... native Oregonian... lover of music, beauty, and all things green. Willing slave to the venerable muse. Minnette currently resides in Portland, Oregon with her husband, having replaced the children with one dog. The dog, Pierre, pretty much runs the show.




Mary Preston said...

"She had to be a witch" - loved this. Great excerpt thank you.


Minnette Meador said...

Thanks, Marybelle!

Good morning everyone! Am under the weather today, so I'll be in and out, but today's prize is an eCopy of The Centurion & The Queen in whatever format you would like. So don't forget to comment and if you'd like, I love questions, so ask away! :o)

Minnette Meador said...

PS - I love my stalker! :o)

Jean P. said...

I could picture his face just before the pain hit. That's was so funny (to me, not him lol).

Christiana said...

Good Morning Minnette,

Although I agree with Marybelle, If Thane had voiced that "She had to be a witch" in my presence, no matter how handsome and enticing I just might have had to Lecture him. Yet, that one thought humanizes and makes him relate-able.

It always amazes me how throughout history Men liked to accuse women of witchcraft because they were attracted to them.


Bama said...

morning... :)

Minnette Meador said...

Thanks, Jean...

This is one of those "give 'em flaws" strategies, Christiana! As Shakespeare said, " thinks that thou protests too much..."

Hi, Bama!

Toni said...

Poor Thane! Great excerpt Minnette!


Unknown said...

Great excerpt! They have to have flaws its very important. Would love to read this book.


Christiana said...

I agree flaws are necessary. Perfection can bore a girl to tears.

Now for a quick question, Do you work on one story at a time, or do you often work on multiple stories?

I hope you feel better Minnette!


Na said...

Ah, for a man like Thane who is used to living a hard and rough life, it's no wonder he suspects Phaedra of being a witch. Her tender ministrations is opening up his heart :) Wonderful excerpt, Minnette.

Minnette Meador said...

My apologies on flaking out on you last night. Between this kidney stone and the meds, they kicked my butt last night. Still hurting today, but at least awake (for the time being!).

Thanks, Jean!

I hope you get a chance, Virginia!

I'm with you, Christiana... Especially those strong alpha males. That's why I like to mess up their emotions with something (or someone) that completely turn them inside out. It makes them very human.

In answer to your question; I'm VERY linear in almost everything. I like thing neat and in a line or balanced. That's why I work on one thing at a time. In my working life, I'm a bit of a trouble shooter, so usually nothing sits in a line until I make it do that. With my writing, I like to tackle one project at a time until I'm done with it. It's one of the things I have to do to meet deadlines.

Thanks, Na. I think you have something there. And she's not ALWAYS sweet and kind. I think that's what throw Thane off... One of my favorite lines in the book is: "The flash in her dark eyes set off ripples through his groin, and he had to turn away to relieve it, furious with himself for his lack of control and the madness that at one moment made him want to break her neck and the next throw her down to ravage her."

Minnette Meador said...

...almost forgot!

And the winner of the eBook of THE CENTURION AND THE QUEEN is...


Congrats, girl! Just send an email to mmeador at minnettemeador dot com with the email address you want the book sent to and in what format: (Kindle, Nook, PDF, etc.) If you already have this book let me know and I'll send you another... I'm so glad you won! M:o)