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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight: Maggie Jaimeson

Second Chance Love and a Scottish Wedding

I love wedding stories, don’t you? Today, I’m going to share my own wedding story and link to a picture or two.

My husband and I met through mutual interest in writing. He has been a freelance writer and editor for two decades. His specialty is history, with an emphasis on Military History. However, he has edited textbooks in foreign language (he speaks several languages), math, and a variety of social studies, and written on a variety of topics from golf to home improvement. When we connected, I was writing my first textbook on distance learning and needed an editor. Little did we know our mutual interest would bloom into love.

Just like many romance novels, both of us were careful about entering into a new relationship. I truly believed that “good” people married only once and stayed together forever. The fact that I was divorced made me question what was wrong with me and second guess my growing romantic feelings. My husband had two children from his previous marriage. So, he was not anxious to introduce any woman into his children’s lives who may not be permanent.

Our initial dates consisted of day hikes, dinners out, and movies. We then progressed to weekend camping, staying in lodges over long weekends, and finally we overcame our reluctance to marry again. The problem in proposing a wedding site was that my family and friends all lived on the west coast. His family and friends all lived on the east coast. So we decided to have a wedding that was private and meaningful for just the two of us. After some research, we decided to combine our honeymoon and wedding in Dunoon, Scotland. We are both of Scottish and Irish descent. Our honeymoon began in the highlands of Scotland, and then continued the highlands of Ireland.

It was the best decision for the two of us. We had a unique ceremony that was meaningful to us. We honored our individual and joint heritage, and we had a wonderful honeymoon with memories that will last us a lifetime. I was able to be a step-mother to two wonderful boys, who are now amazing young men. And I found a love to with which to spend the rest of my life.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

By day Maggie Jaimeson embraces the moniker "geek girl." As an IT administrator and teacher she works to keep a college ensconced in the 21st century with both state-of-the-art technology and a variety of distance learning initiatives. At night she spends time in a world of romantic suspense and romantic women's fiction, putting her characters through tortuous self-revelation, giving villains their comeuppance, and ensuring happily ever afters. She and her husband live in the Pacific Northwest and still enjoy exploring the natural beauty God has provided.

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