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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: Maggie Jaimeson

How Paying It Forward Makes Heroes of All of Us

Do you remember the “pay it forward” phenomenon? The movie was based on Catherine Ryan Hyde’s novel, Pay it Forward, in 2000. She also founded a foundation to continue the work. This is a great example how writing a novel can spurn so many good deeds.

Another similar concept is the “Random Acts of Kindness” movement. When it first became news, we heard of people buying gas for the next person in line, or someone paying for a meal for a stranger. It doesn’t make news much now, but I know people still practice random acts of kindness.

In my novel, the hero begins with an act of kindness when he helps a hurt and lost boy. He could have ignored the boy. He could have assumed the child would be all right or would be found by someone else who really knew what to do. Instead Reed reaches out, and he puts himself on the line a little more each day to help the boy. In the process he learns even more about himself.

If you ever find yourself asking the question “How can I (one person) have a real impact on changing the world?” I would say it doesn’t have to be something that makes a big splash. Each of us can make a significant impact on the world by reaching out and helping one person at a time. Your help will be remembered and the reward will be when that person helps someone else because of that memory. That is a random act of kindness. That is paying it forward. That action is what makes heroes of all of us.

By day Maggie Jaimeson embraces the moniker "geek girl." As an IT administrator and teacher she works to keep a college ensconced in the 21st century with both state-of-the-art technology and a variety of distance learning initiatives. At night she spends time in a world of romantic suspense and romantic women's fiction, putting her characters through tortuous self-revelation, giving villains their comeuppance, and ensuring happily ever afters. She and her husband live in the Pacific Northwest and still enjoy exploring the natural beauty God has provided.

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