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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: Cathy Maxwell


Cathy Maxwell, whose New York Times bestsellers include Bedding the Heiress and In the Bed of a Duke, returns-for the last time-to the people and places of her Scandal and Seduction series with THE SEDUCTION OF SCANDAL, on sale Tuesday, August 30th.

Thanks to Cathy Maxwell and Avon Books, we have copies of the first four Scandal and Seduction novels earmarked for giveaway. One book will be given away each day, Monday through Thursday. Friday, one lucky commenter will get a chance to win a copy of The Seduction of Scandal.

The Earl Claims His Wife
October 2009, 0061350990 ● 978-0061350993

She'll be his perfect wife . . .

Preoccupied with fighting Napoleon and making love to his mistress, Brian Ranson has ignored his wife since their wedding. But now that he's become the Earl of Wright, he's ready to fetch his bride back to London. He's shocked to find she's become a bold, beautiful woman, exactly the kind he lusts after . . . and she wants nothing to do with him.

Gillian, Lady Wright, is desperate to seize the love she's been denied . . . but not with her rakish husband! So she makes a bargain—for thirty days she'll be the perfect wife, then he'll set her free. But no matter how she hardens her heart against her damnable earl, her body begs her to surrender . . .
Cathy Maxwell is the author of four Avon Treasures and has been a finalist for the prestigious RITA award from the Romance Writers of America. Romantic Times calls Cathy Maxwell "an author who understands the human heart and whose stories touch our souls." Check out her website.

For a chance to win a copy of this book, please leave a comment and include your email address so we can contact you.


Dawn said...

I love finding a new (to me) author. Your books sound great. I visited your website to see all you have written. Thanks for sharing. Gotta get me hands on these books now!!

Tracie said...

I love the cover colors, very eye catching! For some reason I love a storyline where the character realize the treasure they've had all along.
Good luck and happy writing!

JeanMP said...

A very eye catching cover on this book and the storyline sounds like a great story.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

wanda f said...

Your cover is gorgeous very eye catching .

Jane said...

I can't wait to see how Gillian treats Brian after he's ignored her for so long.

janie1215 AT excite DOT com

Na said...

I like the idea of a husband and wife reuniting. I'm anticipating their meet and seeing them overcome their problems. Brian has a lot to make up for!


Gabby said...

I think so far the cover for this book is my favorite it was the first book I came across by you Ms. Maxwell.

The summary really caught my attention because it seems like they're aren't a lot of books with this kind of theme.