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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight: Ruth J. Hartman

Let’s Go Outside

“Let’s go outside.”

That’s something my mom used to always say to me when I was a kid. Actually, she wanted to stay inside while I went out to play. It’s funny that I never quite figured that out until I grew up.

These days, I love going outside. Not only does it get me a little sunshine splashed on my face, I get to hear the birds chatter and watch the butterflies dance around our flowers. And if I want a change of scenery, I get out my bike.

Just last fall, a new bike trail was completed a mile from our house. We live out in the country, so I can ride my bike to the trail, and just continue my ride once I’m there. I don’t have to load my bike in the back of my Jeep and drive there first.

Last week on my ride, I was treated to sights and sounds I don’t get to experience in my own yard, even though it’s not that far away. A bluebird’s brilliant blue and orange feathers flashed in the sunlight, dipping up and down in the air as it flew past me. A Baltimore oriole twittered and chirped at me as I rode by the branch it was perched on. A pesky mocking bird serenaded me with several melodies while I pedaling and steered.

While I loved every minute of this special treat of different sights and sounds, it also recharged my writing mind. Sometimes I need to get outside, experience something different to get myself in gear. I need that spark, that different outlook to pull my imagination out of the mud. And into the sunlight. So the next time you feel sluggish in your writing, try going outside!

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