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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight: PG Forte

Summer Reading

I’ve always loved books and series that I could get lost in. The longer, the better. And summer was always the perfect time to indulge in that passion, especially when I was a kid. Back then, my summers were always full of books. Fiction, non-fiction, it didn’t matter. I was one of those kids who had to be kicked outside to play because, usually, the world I was reading about was vastly more entertaining than real life. I was like that most of the rest of the year too, of course, but summer meant more time to read, and fewer interruptions. To this day, certain books and certain summers are inextricably linked in my mind. Rereading them now, can transport me right back to where I was then.

My favorite summer reads have always been the kind of books that are so vivid and descriptive that reading them is like being immersed in a foreign culture. My reading habits really haven't changed much over the years either. If I like something I tend to obsess; I want the whole series now; I want to read everything else the author has out there. I'm sure my parents were very grateful to be able to send mo off to the library to feed my habit!

Summer still seems like the perfect time to get time to get some extra reading in--even without the promise of a long vacation or less interruptions! This summer, my reading plans include finally getting caught up on all the backlists of al lmy fellow Naughty least that's the plan.

What are your summer reading plans? Is there anything in particular you're looking forward to reading this summer? Do you have any memorable summer reads from years past?


Originally a Jersey Girl, PG Forte currently resides on the extreme left coast with her husband and soulmate, their two adult children and a random and fluctuating assortment of animal companions. At present, the nine-part Oberon series makes up half of her published works.

There's something magical about the little coast town of Oberon, California—something that transcends explanation and defies description. But living in 'Psychic Central' is not all white light and fairy dust. Anything could happen here and all too often it does. It's a place filled with mystery, intrigue, mysticism and romance and while the location is fictional, the people populating it can seem all-too real.

You can read more about the Oberon series at Also, this summer, you can find the Oberon books on sale at Amazon.


Kim B said...

I just read Such Fleeting Pleasures and loved it! I think P.G. must have met me in my late teens earlier twenties. I swear Lucy's character was my personality.

Drmgrl99 - Dawn said...

Oh Kim just wait it keeps getting better too! I love PG's writing style. With some authors you don't get the whole story of the characters only glimpses but not with PG! You get the whole story! I her books.

kelly said...

I'll be loading up the ereader for a 12 hour drive to Calgary next weekend. Although I hope I'll be writing somethign during that 12 hours, too :-) I never have trouble finding something to read among the backlists of the Nine Naughty Novelists!

PG Forte said...

aw, thanks guys! <3

Kim--Lucy is one of my faves, so you must be awesome!

Dawn--given how long some of my books are, I sure as heck better give you the whole story! Seriously though, it's just because I really love my characters and want everyone else to as well. ;)

Kelly--Word! And, ooh, I love Calgary! Hope you have a fun trip!