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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight: Lindsay Townsend

Music I write by – Lindsay Townsend

I love music. I think to music and write to music. My first published novel, my romantic suspense, Voices in the Dark was set in the world of Italian opera and the hero and heroine were opera singers. Remember the Puccini Tosca set on location in Rome, with Placido Domingo? That was shown during my research for that book, and I still have the video.

In my English Daughter, the villain had an obsession with the arresting music of the tortured (and all-round weird) Gesualdo, renaissance madrigal composer. I know the hero I'm writing about now, Sir Magnus, has a fine singing voice. In my A Knight’s Vow my hero Guillelm de la Rochelle courts his love Alyson by playing a small harp and singing to her. I sometimes listen to the real medieval music of Guillaume de Machaut, to my classically-nurtured ear full of exotic, Eastern-sounding harmonies. I also enjoy Thomas Tallis, a slightly later composer, especially his Mass for Four Voices.

To me certain composers have certain associations. Beethoven with his energy and sublime slow movements makes me think of that state of shimmering, contented joy of those in love. Schubert makes me think of Gothic romance, dark romance - the knock at the door at midnight....but who is outside? Brahms and Schumann are passion and energy. I listen to them and think of heroes with dark, secret, wounded pasts.

Geral Finzi means the essence of 'English' landscape to me, that slightly fey element, even more so than my other favourite, Vaughan Williams.

I can happily tap along to music - a bit of a rush and many mistakes in the quick movements, but I love it. Music somehow opens my mind and imagination, my emotions. It 'sits' firmly on my most niggling critic - my inner editor - and allows me to make music in my own way - on the page.

What music do you enjoy to read to or to write to?


cheryl c said...

I love music. It can be relaxing, inspiring,energizing, and mood-setting.
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Linda Banche said...

I like Gregorian chant (plainsong). Must come from my youth in church. Not exactly medieval, but plainsong was sung in church then.

Mabel Tuckingham said...

I love music and usually the characters in my stories are associated with some song, but when I write, I get so absorbed in my story, I don't hear anything! Same with reading.

Sharon Sullivan-Craver said...

I also listen to music while reading or writing. And you are right, it does open up the mind to thinking.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

I love music, Lindsay, and listen to it while writing - usually to suit the period. My favourite type is medieval and the baroque period of Bach, Handel and Albinoni.

Gabby said...

Oh I've always loved music! Music was played almost all the time in my house when I was growing up and I used to have to listen to it to help me go to sleep.

A lot of the music I listened too growing up was performed by older artist, artists my mom and dad listed too when they were growing up so music was and still is a big part of my life; like I was saying most of the music I listened to was performed by older artists.

Such as Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Stevie Wonder, Michael Bolton and countless others.

I haven't really listened to a lot of classical music but I do have some favorites most of these I'm only familiar with because a lot of them were used in some old cartoons that I use to watch.

I've recently been wanting to listen to a little more classical music, one reason is because I hope to be an author myself someday and I think listening to intriguing and calming music might help to me focus more.

Ms. Townsend? I know that you stated in your post that most of your inspiration comes from classical type music, but I was just wondering. Do you listen to any other kind of music?

If so what kind of affect does said music have on your writing?


Lindsay Townsend said...

Hi Gabby,

I sometimes listen to other music - I like Queen, Hawkwind, Roxky Music.

I like some jazz and folk music, too.

All music makes me feel alive!