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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight: Grace Greene

Beach Rental opens in Beaufort, but it really begins in Morehead City when Ben tracks down Juli.

Some people are born to luck, some aren’t. Juli Cooke knows she's one of the latter. She’s a cashier in a grocery store in Morehead City and works second jobs where she can find them. She’s a hard worker and proud of her self-reliance, but more and more she feels like she’s getting nowhere. She meets Ben Bradshaw while moonlighting for a caterer at a fancy party in Beaufort, but it’s in Morehead City where Ben finds her again and meets her for lunch at Cox’s Family Restaurant. The grocery store is fictional, but not the restaurant. I’ve eaten there and they have fabulous grilled cheese sandwiches and lots of other good food at great prices.

Juli and Ben stroll down the road to a vacant lot that overlooks Bogue Sound and, in the shade of the huge Live Oak trees Ben proposes the ‘business arrangement.’

Morehead City is a sound-side mainland seaport. It was officially incorporated as a town in 1860. It’s known for its sport fishing, but in Beach Rental, it’s the annual Carolina Chocolate Festival that gets the attention. The Carolina Chocolate Festival, ‘Celebrating Charity & Chocolate,’ benefits a number of local charities – check it out here:

For more information about Morehead City, try this link:

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