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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: Grace Greene

Beaufort, North Carolina is one of the three key locations in Beach Rental. It’s where my hero, Luke Winters, owns an art gallery. His gallery is as fictional as he is, but Beaufort is a charming town – no fiction there.

Important to know if you go there – it’s pronounced bo-furt.

Beaufort is on the Inner Banks and is North Carolina’s third oldest town. It’s a natural treasure trove for romance writers. Blackbeard hung out here. In 1718, he ran his ship Queen Anne’s Revenge aground in Beaufort. The ship was found in 1996 in the Beaufort Inlet. You can see the recovered artifacts at the Maritime Museum. The Old Burying Ground has been around since the early 1700’s and is worth a visit. Some of the shipwrecked crew members of the Crissie Wright who froze to death in 1886 are buried here in a common grave, as is the little girl who died at sea, but was brought home by her father to be buried – in a rum barrel.

Walk along Front Street with its charming storefronts and the long, gorgeous waterfront on Back Sound. Enjoy the marinas, galleries, gift shops, bookstore, antiques, boutiques and a wide variety of restaurants and you’ll get a fine Carolina welcome in all of them. Tour the restored sites and Victorian homes and the B&Bs. There’s something here for the history buff, the romantic, and the shopper. I hear there’s fishing, too.

In the summer, you can get a boat ride over to Shackleford Banks to look for those elusive wild horses or to find sea shells – and those you’ll find in abundance. Be warned – there’s no cover from the sun and no facilities!

Here a few links in case you’d like to know more about Beaufort and Front Street – without which Beach Rental would be missing a lot!

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