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Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Spotlight: Ruth J Hartman

Writers: Never Stop Writing or Reading

Like it or not, writers often write what they know. It’s something we’ve all heard, starting from the time we had to write our first dreaded term paper. For me, what I know is dentistry and cats. Odd combination, I know. But aside from my husband, that’s what I know best. I’ve been a licensed dental hygienist for over twenty-five years. And the cat thing? Let’s just say I’ve always had them. And will always have them, as long as I’m able.

I bet if we polled all the writers right now, we’d get some pretty amazing responses to write what they know. And, the responses would be as varied as the people.

That’s what makes writing, and reading, for that matter, so enjoyable. Every writer of every ilk has something unique to say. A different perspective on life taken from where they live, how they were raised, their age, and a whole wide range of other factors.

I’m always fascinated by reading what other writers have to say about different cultures and vocations. Like a big sponge, I soak up facts about others’ lifestyles and jobs. There are some pretty unusual folks out there, doing equally unusual things. Reading is never boring for me. There’s always something to learn.

I had the privilege, just today, to send a letter to a third grade student, encouraging her to read, and keep reading. It’s a wonderful program to inspire this love in kids. I told her about some of my favorite books growing up, and why I still love to read. I hope the fact that I added that one of my jobs is being an author will inspire her, too.

So writers, write what you know. And readers, read what you love!

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