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Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Spotlight: Grace Greene

Beach Rental released on July 11. Summertime. Toes in the sand time. Time for a trip to the beach. Take a book with you!

What’s your favorite east coast beach?

Ocean City, Maryland has wide, clean sandy beaches and a horizon reaching into forever. We visited there last summer and had a grand time. I hear the Jersey shore is beautiful, but I’ve never been there. Maybe someday soon! Miami Beach, Daytona Beach – marvelous. Virginia Beach, Virginia, where I first wet my toes in the Atlantic Ocean, has impressive beaches and is my heart’s favorite. But the Bogue Banks…

Never heard of the Bogue Banks? Put your pointer finger on the famous Outer Banks of North Carolina. Duck, Nags Head, Hatteras, Ocracoke and so on. Trace the line of beaches and barrier islands until it curves west and then west again.

See Shackleford Banks where the wild horses run? And where you’ll find a world class shelling beach? Then skip over the inlet and you’ll be at Bogue Banks – the barrier island shared by Atlantic Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, Salter Path, Indian Beach – and last, Emerald Isle, altogether twenty-one miles of sand and waves.

In Emerald Isle, and the other towns on the Bogue Banks, you walk to the sunrise in the morning and to the sunset in the evening. You can enjoy the timeless beauty of the Atlantic Ocean or cross to the sound side for a more serene water experience.
I love to walk to the rhythm of the waves. The timelessness, the eternity of it, echoes deep inside and restores me.

Just don’t forget the sunscreen. And don’t forget Beach Rental.

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Grace Greene said...

Good Morning! Thanks for the spotlight and interview for me and BEACH RENTAL! I hope we'll get lots of comments and a winner for the free copy.