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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight: Sandra Cox

Power Shopper or Bottom Feeder?

I approach shopping the way some folks do hunting--which I'm not that in favor of by the way:) But, like hunters, for me it’s the thrill of the hunt. Unless my back is against the wall I never buy clothes if they aren't on sale. The kind term for one such as myself is 'power shopper,' but in actuality I'm a bit of a bottom feeder. I try not to buy until a big sign is posted on the rack that says '50-75% off last marked down price' and then I move in for the kill, err, swoop in for the sale.

Like the hunter, after my purchases are 'bagged,' I proudly carry my sacks around the mall like trophies, swept along on a shopper's high.

For those of you who are new to this type of hunting a few words of caution and suggestions:

There will always be sales. If you can't use it don't buy it.

Buy at the end of the season. You will get your clothes at a fraction of the cost and will have a brand new wardrobe to pull out of the closet in about six months.

Check the ads: Often time there's a 20% coupon that can be applied to the 50-75% clearance rack.

Pace yourself. Don't get so caught up in the thrill of the hunt that you spend more than you normally would have. I allow myself X amount of dollars per month. When it's gone, it's gone and I sit tight until the beginning of the next month when my allowance kicks in again.

Okay ladies, are you ready? Take your vitamins, do some stretching exercises and wear comfortable clothes; this could be all day event. It's time to shop!

I live in North Carolina with my husband, dog, cats and an occasional foster cat. During the day I work at the local community college as an admin assist and by night I writer. I’m a vegetarian and believe in the adage, ‘if it has a face don’t eat it’. I’m, also, an animal advocate. As far as my writing I’m a genre hopper. I’ve written nonfiction metaphysical, YA Crossover, paranormal romance, time travel and western romance. My blog sites are: and If you’re in the vicinity drop by and say ‘hey.’


Kathleen O said...

I am a go for what you need shopper, but when it comes to books, I am browser...So I guess I am a bit of a 'hunter'... always looking for a new find...

Hywela Lyn said...

Great advice, Sandra.

I tend to wait until the 'end of the season' too - but with a dog and two horses to support, I only buy something I really need for myself. Petshops and saddlers though - they're like Aladdin's cave to me, along with bookshops, of course, but again, unless it's something I know will be used I won't buy it just because it looks like a bargain,however tempting!