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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight: Hywela Lyn


Do you believe in ghosts? And if you do, do you think they're benign or sinister? I'd never thought too much about the question until. some years ago, when I was attending a writing weekend at an old mansion, called Gregynnog in Wales. Various halls have occupied the site since the twelfth century and it was the ancestral home of the Blayneys and the Traceys from the fifteenth century. The house, a very large, mock Tudor building, was given to the University of Wales in 1963,

Legend has it that the house is haunted by a lady whose family used to own it but who lost their money and had to leave. Apparently she returned to the house after she died because she loved it so much. I felt nothing but a warm, welcoming presence, while I was there, not cold or frightening at all. I slept soundly at night and enjoyed exploring the house and grounds, and writing in the large, comfortable music room.

The gardens are mostly formal, and extend to 700 acres, although they used to be considerably larger. There was an interesting statue of a huge hand in a secluded area, not far from the house. I took a photo of a friend standing beside it, and he took one of me. When they were printed the one of him was fine, nice and clear and sharp. The one of me, taken seconds later, with the same camera, showed a mist in the bushes behind me and the shadowy figure of a lady in a long flowing dress. It wasn't easy to see unless you looked really hard, and it was another friend who first spotted it. The figure eventually faded over time, although it was still visible once you knew where to look.

I’ve kept it in an album with several other photographs. Strangely enough, when I went to check the photographs, for this article, that particular one had disappeared. It still hasn’t come to light. Is that a coincidence do you think, or something more...supernatural?


katsrus said...

Hi Hywela Lyn. I love anything to do with ghosts as long as they aren't at my house. LOL. Interesting post. I had not heard of that place. Going to be looking them up.
Sue B

Unknown said...

I believe that there are somethings more then what many of us want to acknowledge such as guardian angels, ghosts and spiritual presence. I have pictures of my twins while in the hospital had "orbs" floating around the kids but only with certain family members. It is my personal belief that the orbs are my grandma and my husband's grandma's presence being there that day of they birth since both grandmas had passed away prior to knowing I was pregnant (along with I had twins on the birth control pill! The same year that both grandmas had died too).

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Sue, thanks for your comment, I think you'll can google Gregynnog.
There's another old Welsh mansion I'm very fond of too, and spent long summers at the stables there.It's called Nanteos and is also supposed to be haunted.

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Laura

Sorry to be late answering our comment, but what a fascinating story about your twins. Sounds like both grandmothers were there watching over you and your twins!