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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Spotlight: Sandra Cox

The Family Business

We all know folks that work in a family business. In our area, two sisters got their degrees in art, couldn’t find a job and decided to open a quilt shop which has become very successful. Many farmers keep their farm in the family for generations. And of course, there are several successful musical groups composed of family members.

Cousins Jolene Sayer and Zoe Tempest are also in the family business although theirs is a bit more unusual. Jolene Sayer of Moon Watchers is a werewolf hunter. Her cousin Zoe Tempest of Vampire Island hunts vampires. They are alike in heart, tenacity and toughness. Oh yes, and they both love Pop-Tarts. But there it ends. While Zoe is one of the best in her field she is a firm believer in dressing for success. No way, would she consider going into a fight with a chipped nail or shoes that didn’t match her outfit. She’s blonde and blue-eyed while her cousin is dark-haired, full lipped and sultry. And while Jolene could look like a fashion plate if she chose there’s no way she’s got time or the inclination to waste on fashion and makeup. Worn jeans, a flannel shirt or an old sweater, work just fine for her. Her one weakness: boots. She loves boots—as long as they’re serviceable.

What about you? Do you know anyone that has an unusual family business?

The Hunter Series

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