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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Spotlight: Kara Lynn Russell

One of the horrible things about books is saying good-bye to beloved characters when the story ends. One of the great things about series is getting to spend time with those characters again and again.
There are a number of romance series that follow the love lives of siblings, cousins or friends. In those cases, each member of the group gets his or her own special story, but is also present in the stories of the others.
This is the case with the Orchard Hill series. With nine stories to fill, there was a lot of opportunity for cameo appearances and supporting roles. Some of the small town characters have known each other for a long time. The hero and heroine of Saving Gracie had been best friends since kindergarten. Some relationships were new. Entertaining Angel’s hero and heroine, Jeff and Angel, had never met but were connected by another person. Angel’s brother had been Jeff’s college roommate.
Pansy and Misty’s relationship is featured throughout the series. It was a challenge to show the growth and change of these women - always present but with only the beginning and end of each story devoted to their point of view.
There are entire chapters and even entire books devoted to developing characters but relatively little is said about developing relationships between the characters - other than developing the romance between the hero and heroine. I think this is an oversight. Relationships are as complex as the people who form them. Writers need to put thought into creating the ties that bind their characters.
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