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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Spotlight: Hywela Lyn


As a horse lover, I always manage to include a horse of some kind in my stories, even if they're 'fantasy' horses or unicorns. My novella about the Greek Muse Terpsichore, Dancing With Fate, was no exception, I just had to include a couple of horses in the story. One is Harri, my black Welsh cob and the other is my much loved little endurance mare Sal, who sadly passed away three years ago at the grand old age of thirty-four.

Harri became the hero, Myrddin Ab Morfryn's horse. Harri's show name is Pentrepiod Sovereign. Not surprisingly his previous owner called him 'Harry' and apart from the fact that it's supposed to be unlucky to change a horse's name, I didn't see much point in changing it; it suits him. I do use the Welsh spelling in the book though. He's a lovely fellow, jet black and very handsome, but he has a lovely nature and is so very loving and gentle. He will come up to you, showing his teeth and curling his lip – and then plant a big kiss on your face. He's never been known to show his teeth or raise a hoof in anger, even though my other horse, T'pau, bosses him around mercilessly. He just takes so much of it then walks off and ignores her – and T'pau, a paint x Quarterhorse looks at me as if to say 'Why doesn't he love me?' LOL!

T'pau is very beautiful too – one day I'll have to put her into a story.

Sally, or Sal, was a feisty little Welsh mare who worked her socks off for me when we did long-distance endurance riding in Wales. She was a lovely golden buckskin with a black mane and tail. When I first bought her she used to rear up and try to rub me off against trees and hedges, but I suspect that was to see how much she could get away with, because once we reached an understanding, she was a wonderful ride and I trusted her completely and still miss her. I'm glad I was able to give her a kind of immortality by making her Terpsichore's mount in Dancing With Fate.

If you have animals do you incorporate them into your stories?


katsrus said...

Your houses sound beautiful. I don't write but; I have beloved kitties whom I sure I would use in stories especially my kitten whom is full of trouble and very nosey. LOL.
Sue B

Hywela Lyn said...

Is that your kitty in your avatar Sue? She's gorgeous!