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Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Spotlight: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Relationships can be memorable. Like just about everything else in life, some are good, some are bad, and some most of us would rather just forget. Writing about romance, however, means that I think about relationships on a daily basis. Although I’ve been married for 17 years I have to think back and remember how it feels to fall in love and what the early stages of a relationship feel like. To do that, I have to dig deeper sometime and remember all the significant others from my past.

Any author has to become each of their characters anyway and so I pedal backward to recall my current and past relationships from both my point of view and his (whichever “him” it might be). None of my heroes in my novels are my husband but some may share a few of his qualities. Neither are any of them someone I can name because each one – whether it’s Reid Ramsey from my newest release, Love Never Fails or the sexy, truck driving vampire Will Brennan from Love Tattoo and its upcoming sequel – is unique. They may be the kind of men I might dream about, larger than life, but they are not any of the men I dated or the boyfriends from high school.

In addition to my own relationships, I watch couples of all ages in public, not as a voyeur but with respectful interest. Writing romance and doing my best to understand relationships go hand in hand!

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