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Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Spotlight: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Settings for our stories are an important factor for writers, one that can make or break our stories. Because Love Tattoo is set in Memphis, I am often asked if I am from Memphis or that area. I’m not, although I love the place and like to visit, but the question flatters because it means that I must have captured the essence of the place.

My newest release, Love Never Fails, is set in the small town where I live. That may sound like an easy location to depict but in truth, it’s hard to look at a place where you’ve lived for many years and describe it to people who have never seen it. My WIP is set in my hometown of St. Joseph, Missouri, but back in 1925 so I have to draw on both memory and history to get the setting right.

Location, location, location is a realtor’s chant but it’s vital for writers too. We must get our locations, real or imagined, right or the reader cannot envision the place. If we don’t make our small town come alive to those who have never seen it reality, then we fail.

I am a firm believer in writing what – and where – you know. If I write about a setting, I’ve been there and know it – so do my readers.

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Unknown said...

As a former successful Realtor And a writer I say "Amen" to this, sister!