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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight: Diane Craver

“Summer Activities”

With summer quickly approaching, I decided to share my favorite hot weather activities plus the ones my characters enjoy. Whitney Benson, former New York producer, enjoys swimming and hiking in my contemporary romance, Whitney in Charge. Both happen to be ones I enjoy too. In the book, I have Whitney and her quirky family assisting her in opening their mother’s inground pool. Whitney happens to fall in the pool before it’s even ready for swimming. It was amusing writing this scene because I fell in our pool with my clothes on, but I wasn’t pushed in. By the way, my true experience was published in Woman’s World a few summers ago. I wish I could get another anecdote published in this weekly magazine because they pay well.

In my highly sensual novella, Your Place or Mine, columnist Sydney Smith, coaches baseball and jogs daily. I don’t jog but do try to walk as much as possible. Sydney played softball and had a college scholarship, but I’m afraid I don’t have any athletic ability in playing sports. Fortunately, our children didn’t take after me and were great in sports. One daughter went to college on an athletic and academic scholarship.

Dr. Jennifer Hunt in my inspirational romance likes to play tennis and to swim. I started taking tennis in my early twenties and was told I had a natural swing. LOL I think the instructor just wanted to encourage me to keep taking lessons. My boyfriend told me that he could save me some money and he’d give me lessons for free. I decided to save money so I quit my tennis lessons. However, it didn’t go well taking instructions from my boyfriend. But it has a happy ending because we still got married. We just don’t play tennis. He’s a keeper and we’ve been married for 35 years.

In my short story, “The Proposal” which is in A Christmas Collection Anthology, Jacqueline Andrews likes to go horseback riding during the summer as well as in the other seasons. Debby Reeves in A Christmas Gift rides her bicycle a lot in the warm months. I have a bright pink bike I ride but it’s hard finding the right time to safely go for a bike ride. We live in the country but our wider rural road seems to be popular. Many drivers use it instead of the other side roads, so I have to go during times it’s not as busy.

Hey, I can’t forget about the heroes in my stories and what they enjoy doing in the summer. Jake Michaels loves to run and enjoys attending many baseball games as a sports editor in A Fiery Secret. He also enjoys helping investigative reporter, Catherine Steel, solve mysteries. In No Greater Loss, hero Luke Brunsman likes to swim, play tennis and rugby. In Your Place or Mine, Blake Smith likes to run and play baseball with his son Noah. Next door neighbor, Ben Spencer, in Whitney in Charge, likes to grill outside and hikes.

Swimming, hiking, tennis and playing cornhole are some of the summer activities my husband enjoys. By the way, cornhole is a popular game to play in the Midwest. He also likes to grill outside in the warmer weather. He definitely likes to sample while he’s grilling. The grill starts out being covered with meat, but never seems as plentiful when all of us sit at the picnic table to eat. :-)

What do you like to do in the summer?

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Destiny Booze, Novelist said...

I love swimming! I'm so excited summer is almost here so I can get in the pool. I also enjoy badminton and hiking. :)

Diane Craver said...

Hi Destiny,
Thanks for stopping by!
I haven't played badminton for a long time but I enjoyed it when I did. I'm looking forward to summer too!

Happy Memorial Day weekend to you!

Linda Swift said...

My, all this activity makes me tired just reading it. My idea of exercise is reading a good book. Seriously, I do walk a couple of miles a day and when in FL, I paddle in the shallow end of the clubhouse pool. And I do love to do ballroom dancing. Does dancing count?

Diane Craver said...

Hi Linda,
Dancing definitely counts - that's great exercise! Thanks for stopping by here!

Hope you and your family have a great Memorial Day weekend!

B. J. Robinson said...

I love reading, writing, gardening, and traveling during the summer. One of my favorite things is to be able to get up early and have the place to myself with French vanilla coffee and writing time. I also get to enjoy more good reads, since I have more time for both reading and writing. I like this post. Thanks. Blessings. BJ

Diane Craver said...

Hi B.J.,
I like everything on your list. I also love your early morning routine - sounds wonderful.

Thanks for visiting. I appreciate the support!

Hope you get to enjoy the holiday weekend.

Nan D Arnold said...

I can tell you my Least Favorite--"dodging the hurricane". Rather like you midwesterners dodging the tornados now. Nope, it's hot know what already and I'm ready for November 30th (end of hurricane sesson). Anyway, Enjoy your summer Diane and best with the book
Nan D Arnold
author of Merry Acres Widows Waltz

Diane Craver said...

Hi Nan,

My daughter's going to attend college in Florida because she hates Ohio weather. I warned her about the hurricanes, but she doesn't want to drive in snow any longer. She's attending optometry school.

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Hope you have a great summer and your a/c doesn't quit in your hot climate. It's going to be 90 degrees here this weekend. It keeps raining and farmers can't plant their crops.

Best to you on your book, too!