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Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Spotlight: Stephanie Burkhart

The Appeal of Paranormal Romance
By: Stephanie Burkhart

Dark. Brooding. Handsome. The paranormal hero is a delightfully complicated mix of push/pull traits that tug on his soul.

Beautiful. Dangerous. Clever. The paranormal heroine is the perfect compliment for the hero as they take on the demons of the night.

For me, the appeal of writing a paranormal romance is the creatures involved – vampires, werewolves, witches, etc. They can do such fantastical things, but behind their supernatural traits they hide their humanity. The thrill for me, as a writer, is to bring out that humanity which they keep hidden behind their paranormal facades.

Another enticement is that of the Gothic setting. I love a good Gothic romance, especially since I grew up on Victoria Holt's Gothic romances. I love the dark. I love the eerie mansion, the hooting owls, the rustling of the wind, and most importantly, I love the secrets. Secrets only heighten the Gothic appeal.

What are some of your favorite paranormal stories? Do you prefer vampires? Witches? Wolves? What about the genre appeals to you, the reader?

Stephanie Burkhart's latest release is The Wolf's Torment, a paranormal romance set in Romania in the 1860's with Desert Breeze Publishing. Stephanie is a 911 Operator for LAPD. Her release The Count's Lair received 5 Books from Long & Short Reviews.

Blurb: Mihai Sigmaringen is the Crown Prince of Moldavia – and a witch. When a werewolf threatens his world, can he find the strength he needs to keep his family safe?

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Unknown said...

LOL!! DBP, we're taking over LASR tday!

Great post...and your paranormal romance is perfect in your books.

Liana Laverentz said...

Congratulations on the release of The Wolf's Torment, Steph! Here's to many happy sales!

Stephanie Burkhart said...

Great to have you pop in!

Thanks, Sweetie. I'm all for happy sales. :)

Mona Risk said...

Hi Steph,

Congratulations on your new release. I bought it and it's on my TBR list. You are such a prolific writer.

I wasn't eager to read about paranormal, vampires, werewolves or witches. When I was small I was always scared of these stories, and it stayed with me. But now so many of my friends are writing about vampires, I started reading paranormal and enjoying them. You're among those who gave me a taste for paranormal. I already wrote a book about Egyptian mythology and maybe I'll get myself to write about vampires soon.

Keena Kincaid said...

This is a delicious book, Steph. I love Mihai. He's the type of paranormal hero I prefer, one that's not too dark or brooding, but who has definite cracks in his heart and soul.

I loved this book, and can't wait for the sequel.

Stephanie Burkhart said...

Thank you so much for giving the paranormal a try. I'm glad I helped with that. I can see where vamps & wolves are scary, but I like to bring out the humanity in the characters.

Thank you so much for reading. :) That's what I liked about Mihai, not too dark, or brooding, but he definately has cracks. He's not perfect, but he does his best.


Mariposa Cruz said...

Hi Steph,

Balancing the supernatural with humanity is part of the fun isn't it?
Congrats on the new release!

Karen Michelle Nutt said...


I love paranormal tales. I'll take them all--vampires, witches, werewolves, shifters and fallen angels. Through in a dark and mysterious setting and I'm sold.

I wish you the best always!

Stephanie Burkhart said...

Mariposa, it's nice to meet you, and yes it is! I had fun with it in the novel. :)

Thanks for popping in.Thanks for checking out my story. I've enjoyed your work in the VTP anthologies!

Maggie Toussaint said...

I'm thrilled about paranormal elements in books as well. There's plenty in a parnormal story to hold my attention and then some!

Best of luck with The Wolf's Torment!