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Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Spotlight: Naomi Musch

If You Dare Follow Your Heart.. 

Beyond weaving plot and creating characters in our fiction, writers often dig for a theme. We're not looking for something to preach about, but rather something to explore. Sometimes we choose such noble themes as overcoming the odds, finding true love, persevering through trial, faith, hope, forgiveness, second chances, or redemption. Sometimes we take a look at dark, haunting themes like revenge, adultery, schizophrenia, deceit, or deep personal loss. There are dozens of themes to explore, and hundreds of novel ways to explore them.

As readers, on the other hand, we gravitate toward themes we feel connected to. It's one of the things that help us to identify closely with a character or writer. 

In my historical novel The Green Veil, I chose a main theme that may surprise you because it challenges the popular notion that we should follow our hearts. Our hearts can tend to lead us into trouble on occasion, and sometimes we don’t know our hearts as well as we think we do. So I asked, what might my character, Colette Palmer, do when that happens?
The title of the book expresses sub-themes. The Green Veil is symbolic of the veil of trees covering the land at first sheltering young Colette, but later leaving her feeling smothered. And, it's the dark veil of jealousy that rules her husband's heart and mind. Ultimately, it's God's own veil of grace that offers her hope for the future.

Do you find yourself drawn to particular themes in the fiction you read or write? I'd like to hear about those that resonate with you.

Please join me tomorrow for a discussion about Conflicted Heroes and Contrary Heroines.

Naomi and husband Jeff enjoy epic adventures around their home in the Wisconsin woods with their five young adults. She is currently hard at work editing Book 2 of the Empire in Pine series, releasing in October, 2011 from Desert Breeze Publishing. She invites readers to say hello and find out more about her stories, passions, and other writing venues at or look her up on Facebook and Twitter (NMusch).

THE GREEN VEIL - Book 1 - Empire in Pine Series - historical inspirational romance from Desert Breeze Publishing
HEART NOT TAKEN - A contemporary, inspirational novella from Black Lyon Publishing


Diane M Graham said...

I find myself drawn to stories of redemption for the truly broken...those that feel they are unforgivable. God glory isn't limited by man's rules of engagement.

Lisa Lickel said...

I loved both of Naomi's books. She really hit my heart with a historical novel set in our home state of Wisconsin. I loved it and long for the sequel.

Naomi Musch said...

Diane, I love that: God's glory isn't limited by man's rules of engagement. So true and so encouraging! Oh to pass that truth on.

Lisa, thanks so much! The sequel is really exciting me, too. In fact, truth be told, I think it's my most favorite of the stories I've written so far.