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Thursday, May 5, 2011


I love to review books for many reasons. I have the opportunity to meet new authors quite a few of whom become my favorites. I also review because I know what it’s like to buy a new book you think you will like only to get home and discover it isn’t what you thought it would be. I hope that by reviewing, I can help people make informed decisions about their next book.

The thing I like the best in a book is when the author makes the characters so real that you think of them as real people. They just jump off the page and become your friends for a time. I like a plot that is tight and interesting but also easy to follow. I like for the scenes in a book to be described in enough detail for you to have a clear picture of the surroundings but not in so much detail that you fall asleep reading the author’s description of a room.

While reviewing for LASR, I have gotten to know a great group of women who have a passion for books and for reviewing them. LASR provides a much-needed service in the land of books by making sure that all of the reviews are out there for others to read and benefit from.

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