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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hi I’m Larkspur and as of October of 2011 I will have been reviewing for LASR for three years.

My love of reading started in middle age for me. I quit smoking in 2001 and while looking for a replacement addiction stumbled onto reading, and it’s literally blossomed from there. I started out reading mostly thrillers and mysteries but in 2005 life took another turn, and my husband was diagnosed with cancer. I found that I couldn’t read about serial killers and other vile creatures so I turned to romance. That turn opened a whole new chapter in my life and my love of Happy Ever After started and has never gone away. In 2008, I was paging through different sites looking for more material to consume and happened upon LASR. I was very impressed by the reviews and so asked to join. Marianne, Judy, and the rest of the staff very patiently and very professionally taught me how to review, what to do and most importantly what not to do and I have them to thank for all the wonderful things that have happened to me since.

On this site I only review for LASR as I’m not a big fan of erotic romance. I do like them hot and spicy, but I need that one hero and heroine who fall in love amid a myriad of obstacles to find their HEA; it just makes my day when that happens. I love reviewing to share my love of reading romance and to take away the stigma that still exists for readers of the genre. We should not feel it necessary to hide covers with half naked men caressing their love and it makes me angry when it happens. I try to stamp out book-snobbery wherever I can and stand up for all of our rights to be romance fanatics.

Since joining this bouquet of reviewers I have landed other jobs reviewing, but none of that would have ever happened had I not found my e-way to their site that very fortunate day. I love the camaraderie we all share here, how we run things by each other when there are questions, and how the administrators of the organization always, always make us feel like part of not just a team but of a family where we root for each other, give praise and share the good times and the bad times with each other. That wouldn’t be possible without the leadership we have here and it all boils down to the fact that Marianne & Judy and the rest of the team put so much time and effort into making this a great place to work with incentives out the wazzo in addition to merit prizes. So if there are any of you out there who have been sitting on the fence and wondering if this is the right place to review for let me be the one to say heck yes. Thank all of you for making this a great place to be.


Tricia Schneider said...

I love that you turned to reading as an alternative to smoking. That's wonderful!

Jude Johnson said...

What a great way to battle an addiction! Well done!

I agree with you; I want the principals to go through hell and high water and still be devoted to each other before they go all the way.

Jude Johnson