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Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Spotlight: Robin Bayne

 Writers and Depression

Writers seem to live in states of anticipation and dejection, interspersed with small moments of happiness.It’sthe whole submit, rejection or acceptance cycle the publishing world casts on us and we accept, along with the title of “writer” and the reality of such a solitary pursuit.

It’s normal to be down for a day or two after a rejection or a hard-drive crash, but what about the writers who don’t seem to bounce back? Who lose their creative edge? Who just want to sleep? Depression is considered a “stress related disease” and varies from mild cases of “the blues” to full-blown, clinical depression. For that a writer should seek professional help.

Some writers are able to make use of their sadness. But for every writer who uses their discomfort to aid their work, there are two who feel apathetic, uninterested in working during these times. They find themselves unable to write, or if they do the work lacks emotion. Every project feels like a “mammoth task” looming on the horizon.

If you are experiencing blue feelings or ‘bouts of funk,’ as one writer described, home relaxation and pampering techniques might work. Try a new form of exercise, spend time outdoors, watch your diet, get a massage, get more sleep, visit a new church, pray in a new place, read something new, take up golf or martial arts, try aromatherapy –anything to add interest to your regular routine.

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Robin Bayne is the award-winning author of six novels and four novellas, along with a variety of short stories. She has contributed to collections including God’s Way for Teens, God’s Way for Fathers and Cup of Comfort Devotionals; and published articles in Writer’s Journal and Christian Communicator. She has given workshops at regional and online romance writing conferences and the Writer’s Digest World’s Largest Writing Workshop. She lives in Maryland with her husband of twenty years. Robin recently compiled a book of devotionals for writers titled “Words to Write By.” Visit her at


Carol Moncado said...

Thanks for sharing Robin. I know this is something I struggle with... It's nice to know someone else does too...

carol at carolmoncado dot com

Pencildancers said...

Great ideas offered here and I'm so glad you said if you are seriously depressed to get help. :)

Robin Bayne said...

Thanks Carol and Diana.