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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight: Nan D. Arnold

Merry Acres Widows Waltz-THEME

Theme, we all remember that word, don’t we? An English lit teacher calling upon us to answer “what was the story’s theme?” That’s when we proceeded to make fools of ourselves and discuss the plot.

Well, for once, I had a theme in mind from the beginning when I wrote Merry Acres Widows Waltz. All debts are paid. Every character in the book owes somebody and before the Epilogue, those debts are paid, one way or another.

Manny Mendez learns about payback before the Prologue is through. Let’s peek, shall we? Setup: Manny is changing a flat tire. (Might wonder when that nail punctured his tire, and how).

…He’d cleared his golf clubs out of the trunk and lifted out the tire and necessary accessories to change the flat one when another car pulled up.
He recognized the woman alighting from a BMW. Judging from her scowl, he doubted she’d forgotten their last encounter or the reason for it. She sallied over, arms crossed in a defensive posture.
Nope she hadn’t forgotten.
Odd anybody else would drive through what Manny considered his own private shortcut. Only his wife Pilar knew he’d taken this route today and she was abuzz about some upcoming social do at the club. Curious.  His wife seldom attended such functions, usually busy with their children and grandchildren. Or shopping.
Occupied with the chore at hand, Manny braced for some quip about bad karma or a screaming match. He studied the tire punctured by an ugly three inch nail which he’d probably picked up on the drive through Mandalay. The place radiated bad luck. He wouldn’t drive through here again no matter how much time he saved.
His visitor had yet to say a word so he initiated conversation. “Hey.” He positioned the jack, curious about her dressy attire. “On your way to church or something? Why the gloves?”
“Woke up in a June Cleaver frame of mind.”
Always a glib remark, one of the reasons he was glad they’d parted company. He grunted, positioning the jack. “Hand me the jack handle, would you?” Her shoe tip came in view as she pushed the tool an inch closer to him. Designer shoes, of course.
“This thing?”
“Happy to oblige.”

To find out what debts all the other characters owed and how they paid them, you’ll have to read the book.


Linda Kage said...

I'm intigued! Makes me wonder if Pilar is going to soon become a widow!

Nan D Arnold said...

Lida! So great to see you commented. Readers, this is a wonderful author you MUST investigate. Google her, read her books - you will not be disappoined.

Nan D Arnold said...

Oops, I meant LINDA, sorry coffee has not yet kicked it. Okay, I confess, it's the can't read with reading glasses and can't read w/o them either thing. Forgive me Linda.

Green Orchid said...

I think Pilar has set her husband up and his car problem which I can't mention here is no accident.

Nan D Arnold said...

Could be. Or not. He he he. Lots of twists and turns to come, Green Orchid

Diane Craver said...

I enjoyed your excerpt, Nan! Hope you sell lots of books!

Victoria Roder said...

It is fun to hear how an author forms a story, character, theme, situation...
I want to learn more after your excerpt, Nan!

Cheryl B. Dale said...

What goes around, comes around, eh? I hadn't realized it but that is the theme here!