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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: Sandra Sookoo

Print or Digital in a Fickle World

Here's the question of the day.  How do you prefer to read your books?  In print or digital format?

For the last three years I've been an e-published author, which means, the bulk of my work is published in digital format.  Surprisingly, through all those years, it's still a fight to get readers (and even other authors) to recognize I am a legitimate author who writes legitimate books.  Yes, I do have books that have gone into print, but sometimes selling those books is more difficult than their digital counterparts.

To me, it doesn't matter which medium a book is presented on.  A book is a book.  Period.  However, I must say that ever since I got a Sony e-reader, I almost exclusively buy digital format books.  Why?  Digital books don't take up space in my house.  They don't collect dust.  I don’t have to reorganize book shelves.  I don't have to haul them anywhere when I don't want them anymore.  Heck, Goodwill won't take boxes of books anymore in most cases because they can't unload them.  Not to mention that buying a book in print is oftentimes way more expensive than its digital counterpart.  With my e-reader, if I didn't like the book or didn't finish it, deleting it is just a click away instead of having to find a place for it until it can be donated in print format.

Also, the ability to take dozens of books with me wherever I go on the e-reader has huge appeal.  I can read a book to match my mood.

To me, it's the words in that book that matter, not the need to "feel" or “smell” a book.  And since I am part of the "e" movement, the bulk of my book buying is to support other "e" authors.  Rarely do I ever buy a NYT best seller.  I'm interested in the new talent.

So, what about you?  Does it matter or do you have a hard and fast preference?  And if you do, why?


Anonymous said...

I rarely buy paper books anymore. It's just too easy and convenient to buy them on my Kindle. Although, books I *really* love, I tend to buy in both formats!

Kelly McCrady said...

I, too, am an e-book author for an e-book publisher. I wish I could have an e-book reader...I still buy books the old-fashioned way and cart them one at a time in my purse. The way paperback prices keep climbing (remember when they were $1.95?) an e-reader makes more economical sense. Our local charities still take books and often you can trade them at the many used bookstores around here, but storing the "keepers" is a chore! Good post.

Sandra Sookoo said...

lol I'm mostly e-book all the way. Thanks for stopping by!

wanda f said...

I buy both when I am buying a new book it depeds on if its one I see while Iam out and about or if its one I see online thatI just cant wait to get in the mail to read because as you know with the digitals you get them instantly .

katsrus said...

I really like the feel of a book. Right now I read ebooks on the computer. I am getting a Kindle real soon so who knows I might like ebooks better.
Sue B

Stormy said...

I tend to read e-format more often than not simply for the convenience of it but I'm not opposed to print books. It's nice to relax with a paperback every once in a while. The rare occasions I get to take a bath as opposed to rushing thru a shower I like to have a paperback rather than my e-reader for obvious reasons.