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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: Nan D. Arnold


They say retirement kills. And it looks that way in MERRY ACRES, a planned community in South Florida for the over-fifty-five crowd. Husbands are dropping fast.  Georgiana Duncan wonders who will next wear the black veil of widowhood. Should she be worried....or happy about such dire prospects? Perhaps, like Georgiana, other wives in Merry Acres have secrets, too. Skeletons rattling around personal closets that so mar the gloss of happily-ever-after that only murder can make amends.

Excerpt follows, but first the set up: Georgiana and Daniel Duncan have moved to the east coast of Florida to mend a shaky marriage. Things are not going well. A  police detective pooh poohs Georgina’s idea something’s awry in Merry Acres, but asks her to drop off a member directory of her lunch-bunch set, the BILL (Barrier Isles Ladies of Leisure).

…“Ah, Mrs. Duncan,” Detective Morgan drummed thick, tanned fingers on a document. “Sit. Please.”
I resented his cursory salutation, delivered with as little patience as if he were standing behind a shopper with twenty items in the express line at the local grocery. “No thanks. I’m only staying a minute.”  His glassy eyes told me his allergies had not improved since I first met him.
His office, a windowless closet, was no doubt a contributing factor for his impudent manner. Hammering progressed in the background as the civic center underwent a major remodeling. God help me, even with a runny nose, the man… intrigued me.
“Things aren’t what they seem in Merry Acres,” I said.
“They seldom are.”
Was that a glance of approval? It was. I latched on to it as greedily as a desert flower accepts rain. What did that portend for my husband?

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Cheryl B. Dale said...

Detectives always make me nervous. Even ones with allergies.