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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: Kiss Carson

Travel through time with me.

I love reading time travels. Of all the books on the bookshelf in a shop, I would veer straight for the time travels. And historicals.

What is it about historicals I love so much? Being able to live in a time long past for a few hours? The strong heroines? The gorgeous heroes? I like it all. Read a contemporary novel, and then read a historical. The difference between wording, character development and plot is more than obvious.

In contemporary novels, whether paranormal or every day, the wording is generally straight to point, sometimes brutal, but enjoyable. In a historical, the prose is usually flowery, a little long winded, but always a joy to read.

In a time travel, there is the best of both words.

In time travels, there is the contemporary heroine, straight to the point and sometimes brutal. When she is catapulted back 200 years to a time where women are seen and very seldom heard, all hell breaks loose.

Correct? Oh, yeah!

In time travels, there is the historical hero, long-winded and a little flowery, who most of the time, stares at the heroine in awe of her complexity. Quite a bit of fun is had at the heroine’s expense due to culture change.

Correct? Once again, oh, yeah!

And the end? How could a 230-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman live happily ever after? You’ll have to read a time travel book and find out!

My favorites are:
A Touch of Enchantment – Teresa Medeiros
Time Spun Treasure – Thomasina Ring
Time Line – Michael Crichton (okay, not a romance, but excellent anyway!)
Time to Love Again – Flora Speer
In the Shadows of Angels – Kiss Carson (of course)
Calypso’s Curse – Kiss Carson 

Cursed by a jealous goddess 200 years ago, Israel Alexander is doomed to wander the earth in search of his brothers. To live a normal life he must find a woman named after the daughter of a titan, and kill her.

As far as men go, Israel Alexander is one fine specimen. With rugged features, sparkling eyes, and a smile that can light a small city, his appeal is hard to resist. So, why does Calypso James have murder on her mind every time she looks at him?

In a cat and mouse game through time, Calypso and Israel find they share more than deadly intentions. Is love enough to break a curse built from the foundations of mythology?

Or will someone make the ultimate sacrifice?

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wanda f said...

Time Trasvel books rock .I love reading time travels my favorites are where the modern women of today go back in time and those where the hero comes from the past and into todays world .