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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Spotlight: Nan D. Arnold

Behind The Book: Merry Acres Widows Waltz

My ever loving husband was the muse for my novel. Not that he knew that, of course.

Warning: Newlyweds and romantics (hopeless and hopeful) skip this. I’m writing to women married for some years and especially those recently introduced to the- husband-at- home-all-day syndrome known as “retirement”. Yeah, he retires, and you have more work than ever. Two might live as cheaply as one, but not as neatly. 

Case in point: our breakfast table used to be a swell place for casual dining. Now, it’s a filing cabinet. I can’t put flowers in the centrally located vase. Why? Because a stack of some fifty sheets of paper and various mail order catalogs top the thing. It’s his “in” box. I wonder if anything ever goes “out”. Should I mention week old Wall Street Journals?  Or golfing magazines? (Nope, no iPad, yet, so physical copies abound).

Another thing, I bought MDH a rocking chair as a joke (you know, retirement = rocking chair). Turns out the joke’s on me. I cannot get him out it, unless it’s meal time.

We come to Merry Acres’ genesis. One day I mentioned a honey do project. One, that (at the time) took on critical aspects. MDH could not be budged from his chair. The longer he procrastinated, the more I fumed. I considered spousalcide. Reality check. Me at our local police precinct, bad mug shots, a panicked search for a good criminal defense attorney. So, as a writer, I let my characters do the dirty work for me. And, busy writing , I forgot all about the honey-do job. Win-Win. 


Cheryl B. Dale said...

I knew he was!

And how often have we long-suffering wives thought about doing bodily harm to our better halves? Don't know of a single married woman who hasn't!

Green Orchid said...

My husband of 46 years was getting near retirement. I couldn't stand it. We already couldn't communicate,slept in differant bedrooms,if he was home I more or less hid out in my room. I still made meals did laundry you know I was a cook and cleaning lady and that was it so I made plans to leave him and move in with my sister. One morning I just told him my sister was coming with a moving truck and 2 guys and I was leaving. It's been two years and I don't regret it and no I am not lookong for another I'll get all my romance from books now!

Terea said...

Letting your characters do the dirty work -- great strategy!

Janice Seagraves said...

Spousalcide, got to love it.