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Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Spotlight: Nan D. Arnold

Author Q&A with character Augusta Saint James, Merry Acres Widows Waltz

Q         You’re not the protagonist. How do you feel about that?

A.        What are you, Nan, a shrink? I’ll tell you how I feel, I’m proud I’m not Georgiana Duncan. Who makes things happen? Me, that’s who.

Q         Several characters, especially Georgina, would strongly disagree. This is, after all a women’s fiction mystery—

(Augusta interrupts. “What exactly does that mean?”)

(Author replies: “It means, Au-gust-a, the story is as much about Georgiana’s journey overcoming a broken marriage and learning the identity of her birth mother-although she was given up with the best of intentions and the worst of outcomes-as well as solving a murder mystery.) 

Q         There are several red herrings; you are but one, Augusta. Agreed?

A         Yeah, “the” one.

Q         Let’s move on. What techniques did you employ to influence my fleshing out your particular personality?

A         That was fun! I won’t give away all my secrets, a smart character would never do so, and I am a smart character, but a few hints: First, I whispered in your ear—

(Author interrupts: “That wasn’t tinnitus?)

A         Augusta barks, “No. Back to the question. Next, I troubled your sleep. Mostly though, I interjected attributes of silver screen goddesses you’ve admired into your subconscious during waking hours, projecting how their characteristics might work through me. I refer to Eve Arden (never got her due) and Rosalind Russell (Front Page). Naturally, I added my own touches.

Q         Indeed, you did. Cost you, too, didn’t it?

A         Nah. Like the fabled phoenix, I’ll rise from the ash of this novel. Whether morphing into a different character, sex, or finally the protagonist.


Destiny Booze, Novelist said...

Very cute, Nan! I liked it!

Nan D Arnold said...

Thanks, Destiny.AND thanks so much for commenting.

Cheryl B. Dale said...

Got to give it to Augusta. She sure has personality!

Nan D Arnold said...

Thanks crit pard. Cheryl runs a fab community on query advice on writers digest website.

Anonymous said...

Charming dialogue! Can't wait to read.

Green Orchid said...

That was really interesting, I especially liked the part about tinnitis since I have that.I swear there is a cricket in my head along with the ringing.No voices though? so guess I can't write a book I'll have to read yours.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

That wa sa fun interview - I like the characterisation!

Nan D Arnold said...

Thank you Terea, Green Orchid, and Rosemary for commenting!