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Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Spotlight: F.L. Bicknell

Are you a writer? Ever try to write during chaos when you’re used to quiet or vice versa? It can be quite an adjustment for a writer. The same thing applies to someone who reads a lot, needs to study for tests, balance their checkbook and so on.

My two oldest children have moved out of the house, so now I find myself with plenty of thinking time while the two youngest are at school. When you’re acquainted with noise, interruptions, irritations and blatant walk-in-your-office-without-knocking visits, and then go to sudden solitary mornings and afternoons, it certainly puts a different spin on not only your work as a writer but your life too.
At first the quiet days were a blessing. I was amazed at the amount of work I was getting done on a daily basis. However, by the second week, the alone time really hit me. Additionally, the weather has been horrible with lots of frigid temperatures, snow and ice, so going out really isn’t an option unless I want to slip, fall and slide to the bottom of the hill we live on, lol.

I guess changes come to you unexpectedly. We can predict something is going to happen, sure, but when it actually does occur, it seems like we were never truly ready for it after all.

Actors, singers, and authors all struggle for the big break, but when it finally arrives, all the daydreaming turns into “Holy sh**! How do I cope with this? What do I do?” The nerves set in, the what-if-I’m-not-good-enough fears strike, but the person forges on regardless, hoping for the best, because unless he just gives up, there’s no other choice but to forge onward.

That’s what we all do whether we’re a normal, everyday person or some sort of celebrity. Whether it’s a career, a crazy day where all goes wrong, the next song to write, the next scene to act or the next book to type out, it’s all part of life and we move on one step at a time, striving for the best.

The trick, I guess, is never rushing and taking that one step to the next and the next with an open mind and a determined heart.

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Shaw has had a rough life. Chased out of town years ago by one of the community’s leaders, Lizzy has finally returned. However, living with her virtuous grandmother exercises Lizzy’s patience, especially when Lizzy’s mother, who was an aspiring actress, tarnished her reputation by changing boyfriends as frequently as her nail polish.

Regardless, Daniel Rivers, the love she left behind, wants Lizzy back. He demands to know why she left town and why she never replied to any of his letters. Lizzy can’t let Daniel know her secret, but she can’t resist his crooked smile and warm, brown eyes either. Sparks fly between the couple, but Lizzy is determined not to make the same mistake with Daniel. However, when Lizzy is kidnapped by one of her mother’s old boyfriends, it puts life in a different perspective for Lizzy and she realizes she must tell Daniel about his son.

Can Lizzy resist the lure of Daniel’s touch, the way her entire body responds to him every time he glances her way? Or will the truth about Daniel’s son tear them apart a second time?


Unknown said...

Great post, Faith. I too am getting a taste of 'empty nest' syndrome and I'm not liking it one bit lol You're so right in that we take one step at a time, even if they're baby steps.
I'm sure we'll both adjust by filling our plate way too full in other directions. After all, organized chaos is part of who we are, right?

Teresa K. said...

OMG,this is a must read story. I will have to go through your publisher to get this story. For I need to find out what happens.

Your such a tease,lol. Thank you so much for your excerpt and introducing me to Lizzy and Daniel. May you have a very successful career in writing.

Teresa K.
tcwgrlup41(at) yahoo (dot) com

Janice Seagraves said...

Great post, Faith. It sounds like a good read.


Ana Lee Kennedy said...

Adelle, that is so the truth about organized chaos, lol.

Hello Teresa K! So happy you're intrigued! I think you'll be shocked at the twist. Every single person who has read this has emailed or told me in person that they were really stunned by the plot twist.

Janice, you're following me around today, lol. Thanks for stopping by!

Pender Mackie said...

Good post, Faith. This hit home for me as I have my first book coming out on April 9, 2011. I feel exactly the way you said i.e. What if no one likes it? Or even worse, what if nobody reads it? LOL

Thanks for the pep talk.

Ana Lee Kennedy said...

Hi Pender! I'm sure you're book will do just fine! Always believe!

wanda f said...

I quite agree with you that there’s something very relaxing about observing underwater life.I have a 55 gallon aquarium and I love just sitting and watching my fish.

Ana Lee Kennedy said...

Our tank is only 20 gallons, plenty for me to take care of right now, but once we build our home, which I'm hoping we'll be able to do in two or three more years, I hope to have either a nice corner style aquarium or one that is part of the wall.

Lindsay K. said...

I can relate to that. When my kids both started full day school it was a week of happy dancing and then the days of hmmm...what now set in. Oh, well. Back to writing! lol