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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: Jacqueline Paige

I am constantly being asked who my favourite character is in my own books.  I have yet to find the answer to that, or at least the way to answer it.  All of my characters are my favourites or they wouldn’t be in there. 
However a few have gotten on the wrong side of the story for one reason or another so I just inserted them into the position of the ‘evil doer’.

To answer the question, I sat down and thought of a list of reasons for all of my female characters (I’ll do the males tomorrow) I’ve only done the main characters or this would be a very long list.

From the Magic Seasons:

Kasey – because she is so alive with energy, she makes me tired just watching her fly across the pages.  She also makes me laugh and that’s never a bad thing.

Leena – she is so calm and together, I feel peace just reading the words she’s saying.

Rachel – with her careless and recklessness I find myself just a little envious but love her just the same.

Cora – is so graceful and forgiving there is no way I couldn’t find myself drawn to her.

Rhonda – I could never survive as she has, her strength and determination amazes me.

From Behind the Mask:

Arianna – the torment of what she has gone through makes my worst day seem like a joke.  I can honestly say I struggled to write her story and help her find the ending she deserved; of course she helped by throwing a few surprises my way during it.

From the series A Dream:

Jennah – her nerves of steel and attitude forced me to write the second part of her story, because I enjoyed spending so much time writing what she was showing me.

Tess – I didn’t get to know her very well with her short appearances in From a Dream, but I definitely want to find out more about her.

From the Hidden Senses Trilogy:

Jacinda – her sarcasm alone put me on her team right away.  If I had to live through what she has, I don’t think I would be able to face things with the strength she does.

From Salvation:

Miranda – is blunt and determined to get at least one thing in her life to go her way.  She made me laugh with her reactions to one bad moment after another; personally I would have given up long before she would ever consider the word.

From Twice Cursed:

Maddy – what part didn’t I like about her?  Not a thing.  I sighed each time she did, wanted to throw temper tantrums when things didn’t go right for her and even felt the anxiousness each time she went through it.  By the end of the story I felt like a mother wishing for nothing but the best for her.

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