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Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Spotlight: Jacqueline Paige

There are many myths out there about authors and the writing scene that make me laugh.

My favourite one is “You’re a published author?  You must be rolling in it.”

If the “it” being referred to is money, I can verify that this is pure fiction.  Yes, many can sustain their existence from their royalties – but unless you write and publish a huge amount of books each year (that become very popular books) or hit the big time on the NYT Bestsellers list chances are you write more for the love of creating a great story than becoming rich and famous.

Another myth is authors are these eccentric people that live differently than everyone else.

I can honestly say I know many authors and most of them are up to the tailbones in normalcy – from school trips and chasing the kids and pets between chapters as well as sitting up late at night after the kids are in bed and the household chores are done trying to hammer out that scene that just won’t behave in time to grab a few hours sleep before work the next day.

The last myth I think I’ll mention is the belief that only those with amazing grammar skills and perfect spelling can write.

Yes, there are many authors out there that are brilliant editors and have the knack for the English language – but seriously jump into a chat filled with authors sometime and see how we really are without our spell check and the time to sit and study the correct phrasing of each sentence.  After a manuscript is finished it’s worked on, proofed, edited and corrected until the writer can barely stand to read one more word of it – then it’s sent to an editor after it’s signed where they fix it all up properly.  (There should be a national editor’s day – at least ten times a year!!)

A myth that’s true?  Writers write because they have to.  To go too long with plots and characters running around inside their heads would be a very chaotic time.

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