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Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Spotlight: Ashlyn Chase

What’s Next?
Ashlyn Chase

Book 3, Strange Neighbor series, The Vampire Next Door

Positioning statement:

In her third of a comedic trilogy, Ashlyn Chase tells the romantic tale of a vampire who seeks a cure for his vampirism and a witch who wants to help but has to overcome her own inner demons before they can find and reverse engineer the famous curative wine.  

Brief description:

Vigilante vampire Sylvestro (Sly) Flores broke a fang on a rapper’s thick necklace. The knock-off “bling” was gold over silver, and everyone knows silver is poisonous to vampires. Even Sly’s accelerated healing capabilities can’t stop the excruciating pain. So he turns to a neighboring witch with strong magical powers. Morgaine gives him a salve and a spell, and something more…a long forgotten jolt to his libido.

Sly’s daughter can’t miss the chemistry and decides to play matchmaker. But will moving him into apartment 1B, affectionately nicknamed the “love shack,” work if the proud vampire has no job to pay the rent? If he makes moonshine in the basement to support himself, can he duplicate the famous wine known to cure Vampirism and live as a normal man again? Until he can, how will a witch who’s afraid of the dark and a vampire who fries in the sun find happiness together?

A bit of back story:

Sylvestro Flores was turned the night his daughter was born. A sociopathic vampire named Vorigan Malvant gave Sly a choice between his humanity and the lives of his wife and unborn baby. His wife died at the hospital, but his baby survived and was adopted by a loving family. When she moved into his apartment building at the age of twenty-five, he was over the moon. Now it’s his daughter’s building since she married the landlord. During the day, Sly crashes in a secret hideaway in the basement…literally.

Sly considers himself a crime-fighter. Too bad he isn’t being paid for his services. The city of Boston doesn’t know they have him to thank for stopping a number of criminals in the act. He’d love to use his powers for good and be paid for it, but a Vampire going through the police academy, showing up for job interviews and pulling the occasional shift that occurs during the day is impossible. As soon as the sun peeks over the horizon, he passes out and remains “dead to the world” until sunset.

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Ashlyn Chase describes herself as an Almond Joy bar.  A little nutty, a little flaky, but basically sweet, wanting only to give her readers a scrumptious, satisfying, reading experience. 

She holds a degree in behavioral sciences, worked as a psychiatric RN for several years and spent a few more years working for the American Red Cross where she still volunteers as an instructor.  She credits her sense of humor to her former careers since comedy helped preserve whatever was left of her sanity.  She is a multi-published, award-winning author of humorous romances.

Represented by the Nancy Yost agency in New York, NY, she lives in beautiful New Hampshire with her true-life hero husband and a spoiled brat cat.     

NOTE: In addition to being included in the weekly drawing, one lucky commenter on today's post will receive a copy of The Werewolf Upstairs.


Unknown said...

Wow this book sounds fantastic too Ash! I love a good vampire story!!!

Thanks for the giveaways!!!

Hugs, Christine

Hot Ash Romance Novels said...

You're welcome, Christine. I don't know what you're going to do if you win again! LOL


Dalton Diaz said...

Love it, and another GREAT cover. This series rocks!

CrystalGB said...

This book sounds great. :)

Hot Ash Romance Novels said...

I hope it's as well received as the other two.

Unknown said...

love the books i read strange neighbors finshed it in a day just finshed the warewolf upstairs cant wait for next one its about time someone wrote a romance about a women with meat on her bones as konrad would say lol

Hot Ash Romance Novels said...

I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed them, rainbow!



booklover0226 said...

Hi, Ashlyn.

Though I loved all the characters in Strange Neighbors, Sly was my favorite. I do have a soft spot for those vamps!

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Hot Ash Romance Novels said...

You'll be happy with book 3 then, Tracey! (I hope!)


MiaMarlowe said...

Wonderful cover, Ashlyn, for a wonderful story!