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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: Kelley Heckart

A Different Vampire

My idea for the first book in my Dark Goddess trilogy, Cat’s Curse, was to have a female vampire that helps the cursed hero break the curse. I wanted a different vampire though, not the usual European type. My first thought was to use a Baobhan Sith, an evil Scottish faerie vampire, but I decided to go with a Greek vampire, a Lamia, which is half-woman, half-serpent. I can’t remember why I wanted to use a Lamia. I think because a Lamia is an ancient vampire and my story is set in the sixth century so I wanted something exotic and ancient. This type of vampire ended up working well with my story.

Cardea is a thousand year old vampire. She was a high priestess for the Great Goddess Astarte and was cursed by the Levite priests. My vampire rules: Since she was cursed she can’t make any vampires. Her bloodlust is fueled by lust. She has bat-like wings and can fly. She can be out in daylight but not direct sunlight. Fire will destroy her. She is a beautiful woman from the waist up and a serpent below her waist, but she appears as a beautiful woman to seduce a man. She can feel the thoughts of her victims.

Below is an excerpt from Cat’s Curse that shows Cardea seducing and feeding off of a victim. At this point in the story a spell has restored her beauty.

Blurb: A Celtic prince, an ancient vampire and two curses…
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He lumbered straight toward her. Cardea jumped back behind a tree before he could see her, becoming one with the shadows. Malcolm turned toward the direction of a small roundhouse located a short distance from the other roundhouses. Cardea crept up behind him, reaching up and covering his mouth with her hand, imprisoning his muscular arms with her other arm. She had to rise up to match the man’s great height. He struggled, but her preternatural strength left him helpless.

“Relax now, you cannot escape me,” she purred softly into his ear. The musky scent of fear emanated from him along with the scent of warm blood. The scent of fear always excited her more. She whispered ancient words of submission into his ear and felt him relax under her spell. He turned around and gazed into her eyes with a languid stare.

Cardea caressed his rough cheek with her long fingernails. “I will only take what I need, Malcolm.” The bloodlust overpowered her. Malcolm stood still as she sank her sharp fangs into his pulsating neck vein. A rush of memories surged through her mind as she drank of Malcolm’s blood. The feeling excited her, sending tingles throughout her body. Her sex throbbed with need, the bloodlust peaking. For now, the blood would have to do. The mysterious raven-haired warrior filled her thoughts and no other would satisfy her carnal lust tonight.
Kelley Heckart
'Timeless tales of romance, conflict & magic'

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