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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: Elaine Hopper

As I shop for Christmas this year, I’m reminded of how many different personalities there are in my family.

K # 1 who used to be L, wants sexy lingerie from Victoria Secrets, spa days, and silver jewelry. On the other hand, K specifically does not want movies or electronic doo dads this year.

B wants baking pans, cookbooks, and new car seat covers.

K # 2 wants lots of books including Stephen King’s newest and the Wheels of Time series.

M wants new clothes as she’s just lost 60 pounds. She also wants a new MP3 player, music, and workout equipment. She would like a Droid and an e-reader, too.

S wants a Japanese learning tape, art supplies, and gift cards to Borders or Barnes & Noble’s so she can get lots of manga. She’d also like a Droid and an e-reader.

E wants a lot of video games or a gift card to Game Stop. He also wants T-shirts and jackets but only if they have freaky skulls adorning them.

D wants a Play Station football game and anything to do with football or baseball.

G has no idea what he wants.

Me? I’m all about writing. I want custom artwork for my blog. I’d love to have a housekeeper and cook so I have more time to write. And I’d really like to have a treadmill with a built-in computer so I can read and write while working out.

S and M look a lot alike. K #1 and E also have a strong physical resemblance to one another. Yet, you can tell from their likes how different they are. Whereas E is a homebody who prefers to entertain himself at home, S can’t wait to travel to Japan.

This is a simplistic characterization, but would be a good start to populate characters in a book.

Of course, if I were to begin creating characters with such generalizations, I would build on them, adding muscle and sinew, flesh and bones. For instance, I might add that although D didn’t put it on his list, he loves everything about the rock band KISS. He wishes he could have been a guitarist rock star or pro baseball player. However, he’d settle for being an umpire in the big leagues.

In K #1’s case, I would let you know that the reason she doesn’t want movies or electronic gadgets is not because she doesn’t like them, just the opposite. She’s very cutting edge and has all the latest technology. It’s very difficult to find a gadget she doesn’t already own.

M has more reason to lose weight than merely looking better, getting healthy, or even to feel better. She wants to start a career, join the military, and see the world. She has a big goal that’s very important to her.

Of course, I wouldn’t create a character for one of my books exactly like someone I know. But I observe and take notes. I mix, match, and change things around. And sometimes, I just conjure them purely from my dreams and imagination.

Elaine Hopper writes sweet and paranormal romances. Currently a customer service manager for a charity that serves the poorest of the poor of the Caribbean and Latin America and of course romance writer, she's also served in the United States Air Force and worked as a Cost Pricing Analyst. Although she hasn't made it into outer space - yet- she marched and twirled flags throughout the south including New Orleans and Biloxi with the AF Drum and Bugle Corps.
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