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Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Spotlight: J.S. Nichols

Meet J.S. Nichols

            Thank you, Long and Short Reviews for hosting me this week. My name is J.S. Nichols, although most people just call me Jess. My debut novel, Come Back to Me, is scheduled for release next month, January 2011.

It’s a romantic suspense about a security specialist who boards a singles cruise chasing after his former fiancée. She’s not happy to see him until he offers her the ultimate way to spend her vacation…solving a real case. The search uncovers a mystery of missing women stringing back two years.  Can they overcome their past mistakes and work together to unmask the kidnapper? Or will she be the next victim?

            I’ve been writing since high school, but only seriously started to pursue my dream of publication in 2008.  Since then, I’ve juggled being a mom, a writer and a volunteer for a variety of organizations.

With the holidays upon us, I thought I’d spend this week—with a little help from the hero and heroine of Come Back to Me—talking about giving and charity.  To that end, one lucky LASR reader will receive two gifts from me, an Amazon gift card immediately and a copy of my e-book when it’s released.

So instead of five golden rings, I’m going to discuss five great charities, one each day.  Each one I support either through volunteering or financial donations or both. At this time when carols ring out on radios and MP3 players, let’s remember the season of giving should extend to those in need too.

The first organization on my list is the American Red Cross. Some people think of blood donations or CPR classes when they hear Red Cross.  But it’s so much more.  Did you know they send message to our Armed Forces overseas? Or how about that there are volunteers who work tirelessly to help people prevent, prepare for and respond to disasters? These are people who donate their time to respond, a moment’s notice to help victims of house fires.  They rush to a scene in the middle of the night, in the rain or snow and even on Christmas morning to provide victims with needed items such as food, clothing and shelter.

To learn more about one of my favorite charities go to

Happy Holidays! See you tomorrow.


Maureen said...

Congratulations on your debut novel. mce1011 AT aol DOT com

robynl said...

congrats on your novel Come Back to Me!! He has nerve to go on the cruise and follow his fiancee;might not like what he sees. LOL.

Unknown said...

5 charities as 5 golden rings is a great idea, Jess. And thanks for sharing the information about the Red Cross...they do amazing and necessary work.
Looking forward to reading COME BACK TO ME.

Carla said...

Hi Mary! Thanks for *all* the good work you! Congrats on your release next month! That's quite a nice way to start a new year, isn't it? :)

I can't agree more on Red Cross. I'm a couple of gallons in on blood donations at this point. I'm not a big fan of needles, but if it helps someone in need, count me in. The Red Cross is also helping some families in my neighborhood, displaced by a fire last week. There's no such thing as a good time of year to lose one's home, but I'm glad the Red Cross is there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maureen and Robynl,

Thanks for stopping by. You're right, the hero has some surprises in store for him.

Hi Kellyann and Carla,

Thanks for visiting. The American Red Cross does so many things to help people. I couldn't fit it all in one post.

Marian Pearson Stevens said...

Congrats on the book release, Jess!

Thanks for reminding us all about good causes--especially now, during the holidays. Keep up the good work!

Enjoy the journey of your book splash! Hugs!

Clarissa Southwick said...

Your book sounds fascinating and I love the idea of the five days of Christmas. I am a big fan of the American Red Cross as they supplied the blood when my 2 year old had leukemia and needed multiple transfusions. Great choice!

Anonymous said...

Jess, congratulations on your debut novel! The American Red Cross is an amazing organization. One of my coworkers needed the Red Cross to bring her military hubby home from Italy when her baby came early.


Angi Morgan said...

Congratulations on your first release. COME BACK TO ME sounds very cool.


Pamala Knight said...

Congratulations on your debut, Jess. Can't wait to read it. Also, thanks for reinforcing the excellent work done by the American Red Cross. It's a wonderful and worthwhile organization and I'm sure they're grateful for your help.

Valerie Bowman said...

Congrats, Jess! Can't wait to read the complete Come Back to Me! Woo hoo! Great idea on the charity posts, too.

Rita said...

Many congrats on your debut novel. Chair dancing for you.
And thanks for the reminding us we can help others celebrate the season by helping these charities.

Jaye Garland said...

Yea JESS on the upcoming release of Come Back To Me. Can't wait to get it. Very creative to use the 5 Gold Rings theme. Good work!

Lynda Bailey said...

Kudos on your debut novel. Can't wait to read it.
I'll chime in with agreement that your "Five Charities" idea is a great one. Thank you for your volunteerism and congratulations again on Come Back to Me.

Jennifer McAndrews said...

Congrats on the upcoming release, Jess -- I can't wait to read it!!

And Five Charities is a super idea! Thanks for bringing to light some of the varied things Red Cross does. They're a fabulous group and I'll definitely be putting them on my holiday giving list.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to everyone who stopped by today.

Tune in tomorrow and see which charity I spotlight next.