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Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Spotlight: Elaine Hopper

After the day job today, my daughters and I stopped at the mall to catch a sale and get a bite of Japanese for dinner. On the way out, I spied a sign, got all giddy inside, jumped up and down and pointed at the banner. I squealed something like, “Barry Manilow!”

My twenty-seven and twenty-year-olds gave me twin blank stares as if I’d gone crazy and asked, “Who?”

I was surprised for a split second then I realized, as I often do, that the past forty years have flown by in a blink. I felt old at thirty when my husband took me to see Manilow in concert. (Hint – that was in 1990.) I was a young teen when “Mandy”, Manilow’s first song released and propelled him into super stardom.

I never thought Manilow had a great voice. It was pleasant. Yet, I loved him. I still love him. As he put it, “he wrote the songs that made the whole world sing.” His songs are a huge part of my life. A couple are numbered in my all-time favorite songs.


His songs evoke wonderful emotions in me. They’re twisted and tied up with beautiful memories. They take me back to a time I was falling in love. When they play, I feel like I’m falling in love again.

Just like a cozy romance novel.

Romance is all about the emotions. When you find one like “Mandy” or “This One’s For You” (Manilow songs), you want to savor it and wrap yourself up in it forever.

Hopefully, some of the romances I’ve written will fall into that category. (Heck, hopefully all of them will.) I know I’m on the right track when I get choked up with emotion or shed tears as I’m writing.

Hopefully, my husband will take me to see Manilow in concert for our anniversary this year. And, hopefully, my daughters will remember the singer they’ve heard their mother play for many years. That may be too much to hope. The twenty-year-old is the same child who asked me who “Sir Paul” (McCartney) was a couple years ago.

Elaine Hopper writes sweet and paranormal romances. Currently a customer service manager for a charity that serves the poorest of the poor of the Caribbean and Latin America and of course romance writer, she's also served in the United States Air Force and worked as a Cost Pricing Analyst. Although she hasn't made it into outer space - yet- she marched and twirled flags throughout the south including New Orleans and Biloxi with the AF Drum and Bugle Corps.
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